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iPadOS 16: upcoming major upgrades for your iPad


iOS 16: What We’ve Heard So Far and What We’d Like to Hear

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In the second half of 2022, we can expect the release of iPadOS 16. New features and upgrades are expected to be added to Apple’s tablet operating system if it’s anything like iPadOS 15. The strong M1 chip found in the newest iPad Pro and iPad Air models suggests that iPadOS 16 could be the most substantial update to the iPad operating system to date.

Rumors about iPad OS 16 are scarce at the moment. This will be a topic of discussion during the keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 6th, 2022, where we can expect to learn more about the OS update.


We’ve compiled a list of all the latest iPadOS 16 rumours that have surfaced so far.

The release date and beta version of iOS 16 have been announced.

We have no reason to believe that Apple will discontinue announcing software updates at WWDC. It begins on June 6 and ends on June 10 this year. On Monday, June 6, Apple is expected to introduce the latest version of its iPad operating system, iPadOS 16.

Following WWDC, Apple is expected to deliver a beta version of iPadOS 16 to developers and a select group of the public throughout the summer.


iPadOS 16 is expected to be released sometime in September, exactly like iPadOS 15 was in September 2021. We’re confident that this is how things will play out, despite the fact that Apple has the final say.

The compatibility of iOS 16 with a wide range of devices

We can’t say for sure which iPads will be compatible with iOS 16, although recent iPad Pro and iPad Air models are likely candidates. Exactly which earlier iPads will be incompatible with the new iPad OS 16 is the big question.

This year’s iPad Air 2 is compatible with iPadOS 15, according to Tech Advisor(opens in new tab). As a result, iPadOS 16 may be able to run on iPads that have been around for seven to eight years. Don’t rely on our predictions just yet; they may or may not be accurate.


Have a question about whether your iPad will operate with the newest version of iOS on the market? Both of us aren’t, but we can provide a list of iPads that are compatible with the current version of iPadOS. The only way to know for sure if your iPad is compatible with iPadOS 16 is if it’s on this list.

A list of iPads that can run the latest version of iOS, iPadOS 15, has been provided.

The 8th generation iPad will have a 10.2-inch screen (and back to the 5th gen 2017 model)
every one of the iPad Pros
Fourth-generation iPad Air, third-generation iPad mini, and second-generation iPad mini (4th and 5th generation)


iPadOS 16: New features for M1-powered iPads

There hasn’t been much information released concerning iPadOS 16’s new features. As Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports(opens in new tab), Apple is planning to make iPadOS more like a full-fledged laptop operating system, according to reliable sources. New techniques of resizing windows and ordering them on the screen for easier multitasking may be possible as a result.

Since the Apple M1 chip is found in the new iPad Pro and iPad Air tablets, we expect iPadOS 16 to include enhancements that take advantage of the processor’s capability.

xCode, Logic Pro, and Final Cut Pro are on their way to iPads, according to a report from iDropNews(opens in new tab). With one caveat: The iPad Pro 2021 and the iPad Air 2022 are expected to run these apps with an M1 chip. A plan to bring long-sought-after software like Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe Photoshop to iPadOS would be a welcome addition that would allow creatives to work more efficiently with just an iPad.

(Image credit: Apple)

According to one source, iPadOS 16 will feature the same redesigned Lock Screen and Home Screen as iOS 16. The Lock Screen is another possible location for Widgets.

Tipster Majin Bu(opens in new tab) has tweeted that Apple is developing Apple Mixer, a smart system akin to desktop operating systems like macOS and Windows that will offer floating programme windows.

Apps will open in full-screen mode, but they will resize automatically when a keyboard and trackpad are connected. iPadOS 16 may or may not include this capability at launch, but the tipper is convinced that it will only be available on iPads equipped with an M1 processor.


Apple’s WebKit, the engine that developers use to create iOS and iPad browsers, also contains evidence of this window capability. This doesn’t proof that Apple is working on this feature exclusively for iPadOS 16, but it does show that work is being done.

iPadOS 16: What we’d like to see 

The multitasking button and the way widgets were integrated into the home screen made iPadOS 15 a hit with us. Also, the floating Quick Note window and keyboard shortcuts made it feel more like macOS. We think that iPadOS 16 will be even better than iPadOS 15, and we can’t wait to try it out. Apple’s operating system has several options to enhance the iPad user experience.

Leveraging the M1 chip


iPadOS 16 should take advantage of the M1 chip found in the iPad Pro and Air, just as the previous version. Although macOS functions and apps aren’t strictly necessary for iPads, having them wouldn’t hurt, especially for those who are constantly on the road. As a desktop and laptop chip, the M1 should have the same capabilities as Macs and MacBooks.

Interactive widgets

iOS 16 may include interactive widgets that allow you to interact with widget shortcuts without having to open the real app, according to @LeaksApplePro(opens in new tab). As far as we’re concerned, we’d be fine with interactive widgets on iPadOS 16. I’d also like to see widgets on the lock screen.


A smoother Magic Keyboard experience

However, the iPad Pro and Air aren’t quite laptop replacements thanks to the Apple Magic Keyboard.

Using the Magic Keyboard’s trackpad (especially the on-screen pointer) should be made more natural by iPadOS 16. However, while the current experience isn’t bad, the fact remains that iPadOS 15 is primarily designed for use on a tablet computer. iPadOS 16 should make it possible to use an iPad as a laptop computer.


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