New report confirms iPhone 14 will use A15 chipset, 14 Pro to use A16

image credits: theverge

Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known Apple analyst, predicted back in March that the iPhone 14’s first two tiers (thought to be the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max) would include an A15 processor, while the iPhone 14 Pro versions will feature the A16 Bionic processor. TrendForce has released a fresh research that supports this claim.

“unlike earlier offers, only the latest processors are utilised in the Pro series” of the iPhone 14 is highlighted in an Industry report by Trend Force. There were two versions of the A15 chip: one with 4GB of RAM and a four-core GPU for the iPhone 13 small and the iPhone 13, and one with 6GB of RAM and a five-core GPU for the iPhone 13 Pro. Believed to be based on this chipset, the 14 and 14 Max will have higher RAM and GPU power.

As a result of industry-wide supply chain bottlenecks, Apple would not be able to offer the latest chipset to its lower-tier models, which is why this hardware decision was made. Apple prefers to concentrate its supply chain on the more expensive Pro models.


As long as Apple’s A15 chip isn’t outshined by existing rivals, having the chip in entry-level iPhones won’t be a deal breaker.

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