This is the most overlooked iPhone 13 feature


The speakers of the iPhone 13 are my favourite feature, not the cameras or the power.

image credits: pocket-lint

A variety of factors have made the iPhone 13 Pro Max our favourite smartphone, including its powerful processor, outstanding camera, and long-lasting battery life. But I’ve come to admire another function of the iPhone that doesn’t get enough attention: its ability to make phone calls. Finally, the stereo speakers are in there.

When I’m alone, I’ll often put my AirPods Pro away and use the iPhone’s speakers to listen to YouTube videos or Netflix. It is also a common practise of mine to listen to the speakers of smartphones while watching videos or playing games in order to evaluate the display. When it comes to sound quality, the top Android phones simply can’t compete with the iPhone’s.


It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about high-end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or Xiaomi 12 Pro, nothing compares to the iPhone in my opinion. The Black Shark 4 Pro gaming phone is the closest device I’ve seen, although it doesn’t quite match up, as we’ll see.

Many of the top Android phones’ speaker systems just can’t compete with the iPhone’s in terms of sound quality.

Almost all Android phones, regardless of budget, have a tinny sound with too much treble and percussion and too little bass. Listening to these machines, you’d never guess they’re high-tech modern marvels.


However, the iPhone’s balance between the various elements is just as crucial as the finest Bluetooth speakers or even the best wireless earbuds. This is why the iPhone is a better option than the best Bluetooth speakers or even the best wireless headphones. A respectable amount of bass is provided by the Black Shark phone, but the top end is still lacking in comparison to the iPhone.

Of course, smartphones aren’t intended to serve as standalone speakers. Speakers are officially part of the phone function on smartphones, however that function has waned in importance as time has passed. Nonetheless, this makes Apple’s accomplishments all the more impressive.

Later this year, I’m eagerly anticipating the expected iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, as well as the rumoured upgraded CPUs, cameras, and display cutouts. When the new iPhones are out, I won’t be paying attention to what Apple has to say about the speakers (and I doubt they’ll even mention it in the briefest of terms), but I will be curious to hear how the speakers have evolved.


It will be interesting to see if Apple’s lead over Android phones is indeed unbreakable in the coming months.

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