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MacBook Air 2022 just rumored for launch at WWDC


The 2022 MacBook Air is likely to make an appearance at WWDC.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, although hardware is far from guaranteed, the MacBook Air 2022 will be announced at next month’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC).

The well-connected Apple writer reiterated his belief that “if there’s any hardware at WWDC, it will likely be on the Mac side” in the newest issue of his Power On newsletter(opens in new tab). Apple, he claims, has been “targeting the conference” for the unveiling of the new MacBook Air with M2 CPUs.


On the exact date of the 2022 MacBook Air’s release, Gurman’s opinion has changed. In February, he said it would be a “great little holiday seller,” and now he’s backtracking “In an earlier WWDC unveiling last month, he was sounding more optimistic. That’s not all. He wasn’t the only one making this prediction.

Due to the words we thought to never type again: Covid-19 supply chain issues, he now appears to be wobbling a little.

Due to Covid-related China closures, this has become more difficult.” “Gurman wrote Developers, on the other hand, claim that Apple staff are increasingly using the new MacBook Airs to run their programmes. This indicates that the new Mac is near.”


Also expected are slimmer bezels, additional connectors, and the return of MagSafe, among other features. As far as we know, the screen isn’t going to be upgraded to mini-LED technology.

What about VR/AR?

Despite the excitement, Apple appeared to be planning to launch RealityOS at WWDC, based on a slew of trademarks filed just days before. Apple’s reported VR/AR headset is probably certainly linked to iOS allusions to RealityOS, which have appeared in recent months.

It’s interesting to see Gurman’s take on it.


In spite of Apple’s recent demonstration of its impending mixed-reality headgear to the company’s board, I’d be weary of anticipating a full-blown presentation for developers and consumers next week,” noted the author.

A teaser and likely debut date might be in order, but there are a few points between “missing” and “full-blown presentation.” So perhaps Apple will utilise the Developer Conference to focus the thoughts of developers on how to make Apple VR/HR software as disruptive as iPhone apps were a decade ago.


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