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In the electric vehicle industry, Tesla has become a household name, despite being a relatively young firm compared to more established automakers. Tesla has also had a roller-coaster year.

As a result, there is a lot going on around the Tesla, from new vehicles to Elon Musk’s EV musings. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the latest Tesla news and updates, making it easy to keep tabs on the company’s progress.


In this article, we’ll tell you why you should be thrilled about what Tesla has planned for the rest of this year and beyond.

The latest Tesla news (updated Apr 19)

On April 19, you will not get a complimentary mobile charger with your new Tesla.

If you have a conventional home outlet, you may recharge your Tesla Model S using the Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle. When you bought your Tesla in the past, the bundle was included. That is no longer the case.


To back up his assertion that Mobile Connector use was “very low,” Elon Musk verified the story on Twitter. Considering that the Mobile Connector can only recharge 2-3 miles of range per hour, this isn’t a surprise. Since days rather than hours are used to calculate recharging time,

Some changes have been made, but this was confirmed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The price of a Mobile Connector will be reduced from $275 to $200. Additional adapters, such as those needed to use 240v outlets or Type 1 EV chargers, are also expected to be included by Tesla.

Fortunately, quicker charging options like Tesla home chargers and Superchargers may be used with any Tesla model without the need for an adaptor.


The normal range is on April 13th. Model Y is on the rise once again.

According to Elektrek, the Tesla Model Y with the normal range is making a reappearance after several reports. Because of its (relatively) short range of 244 miles, the original Standard Range Model Y was discontinued by Tesla in February 2021. As a result, the Long Range Model Y, with a starting price of $62,990, was the most affordable option.

As a result of these new 4860 battery packs, Tesla is once again bringing back the most affordable Model Y, which is much more powerful than prior batteries. Instead of the predecessor’s rear-wheel drive system, this new model has a twin motor all-wheel drive system, 279 miles of range, and a starting price of $59,990.

Unfortunately, according to Elektrek, the automobile is exclusively accessible to Tesla workers for the time being, with the inaugural delivery taking place during the Giga Rodeo event last week. But according to reliable sources, “in the weeks ahead” the automobile will be offered to regular consumers..


All Tesla pricing went up again on March 15th.

In recent months, we’ve heard a lot about “Tesla price rise,” but here it is again. The cheapest Tesla vehicle, the Model 3, now begins at $46,990 after Tesla changed the pricing on its online configurator earlier this week. A $2,000 price hike is included.

Despite a price increase of $1,000 only last week, the long-range Model 3 currently costs $54,490, an additional $2,500 more than the standard Model 3. The price of the Performance variant has increased by $3,000, to $61,990.

There are no exceptions to this rule. In addition to a $1,000 price hike last week and another $2,000 this week, the long-range Model Y has now risen to $62,990. It’s now $67,990 for the high-performance Model Y.


It wasn’t only Tesla’s high-end Model S and Model X vehicles that were hit with the price hike. The price of the regular Model S has increased by $5,000, while the price of the Plaid has increased by $5,000. There are now two price points for Tesla’s most costly vehicle: $114,990 for the basic model and $138,990 for the Plaid variant, which is the most luxurious option. Increases of $10,000 and $12,500, respectively.

In terms of why, the supply chain and the rising cost of materials are likely to be the culprits. The price of Nickel, a vital component in electric vehicle batteries, has risen significantly in recent weeks.

Only new orders are affected, which is a relief. That’s why if you booked a Tesla at a cheaper price, you should get the same amount you paid.


As on March 11, orders with the $12,000 Full Self-Driving option will be prioritised above those with the standard option.

It’s no secret that Tesla has difficulty fulfilling demand, and several of its cars—especially the Model X—have long wait periods. Full Self Driving, on the other hand, might expedite the time it takes to get your vehicle.

With the $12,000 FSD add-on, you’ll only have to wait two months to get your hands on a Tesla Model Y. A month sooner than expected, the FSD-equipped Model 3 will arrive in May.


Consequently, it is possible that an extra $12,000 may be required if you are in the market for a Tesla and need one right now.

Non-performance Teslas will be able to use ‘Track Mode’ on February 28.

If you don’t possess a Tesla Performance or Plaid model, you’ll be able to modify your car’s settings far more than before.

Even whether you own a Model 3 or a Model Y with a normal or long-range battery, Elon Musk has said that it will be coming. If you’ve purchased the Acceleration Boost update, it will.


When in Track Mode, you may change the car’s handling, traction control and regenerative braking. This isn’t all; Tesla will also display g-force, the temperature of different components, and more on your car’s display.

In addition, if you designate the start and finish points on your dash cam, each lap will be saved as a distinct video.

It’s not clear when this will happen or whether automobiles lacking Acceleration Boost will be able to get the update.. So sit back, relax, and wait.


On February 28th, the full self-driving beta will be made available in Canada.

Fully autonomous driving is already accessible in numerous regions of the globe, but the Tesla beta programme is now only open to residents of the United States. Is this the case in Canada as well, where it’s already been introduced?

Those who qualify for Tesla’s “safety test score” are invited to participate in the beta programme, which allows them access to new software and features before they are made available to the general public. And as of today, Canadians will have access to it. However, those of you who reside outside of North America are out of luck.

Drivers of FSD cars in Canada may request beta access using the infotainment system in their vehicles. Follow the on-screen prompts to request full self-driving beta from Controls > Autopilot.


Wednesday, February 23rd: Tesla wants you to be able to play Steam games in their vehicles

You may one day be able to browse your Steam library while driving. That’s the goal Tesla CEO Elon Musk is pursuing by tweeting the company’s aim to allow Tesla to play Steam games — rather than merely moving titles one by one — to the vehicle.

It’s nothing new to be able to play games in a Tesla. AAA games like The Witcher 3 and, maybe, Cyberpunk 2077, can be played on more modern Model S and Model X automobiles. Various less resource-intensive mini games may also be played by other automobiles.

There is no doubt that adding Steam games would be a major improvement. Musk has previously argued that “entertainment will be crucial when automobiles drive themselves,” even if it isn’t required for you to be able to play video games in your car at the moment. However, even if he is correct, we are still a long way away from automobiles doing all the hard work for us without any driver involvement, no matter how many times he claims differently.


Because of this, Tesla has plenty of time to focus on increasing the restricted game library of their vehicles. That is, if it doesn’t allow people to use them while driving.

Tesla is now allowing Model 3 customers over the age of three to have their trunks upgraded, but only in China (for now)

For $650, Tesla is allowing owners of older Model 3s to equip their cars with a power tailgate, or a motorised trunk lid that can open and shut on its own. However, the update is currently only accessible in China.


A motorised tailgate is a feature that many people would expect to see in a vehicle at this pricing range. Tesla is now providing Chinese consumers the opportunity to have the work done by approved Tesla experts rather than third parties. Parts and labour were included in the $650 asking price.

There’s a tendency for Tesla to announce things in China first, and lately it started providing a first-party wrapping service in China. That, and the tailgate modification, will ultimately be rolled out globally.


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