Reported iPhone 14 Pro performance upgrades


Phone 13’s processor might be surpassed by the one in the next iPhone 14 Pro.

(Image credit: Souta)

We now have a better sense of how powerful Apple’s next iPhone 14 Pro may be thanks to leaked performance numbers from iHacktu.

For GPU and CPU test results, iHackertu claims we may expect a 35% and 45% improvement, respectively. With an aggregate score of roughly 890,000, the iPhone 14 Pro is expected to outperform the iPhone 13 Pro Max by around 5 percent, according to Apple’s latest report.


According to iHacktu, the percentage gain in GPU and CPU performance is not stated. Assumedly, the A15 chipset found in Apple’s iPhone 13 and 13 Pro is being used as a benchmark for the new processor.

We might infer this is in comparison to Apple’s previous flagship phones, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. In addition to the benchmark results, a tweet claims that the expected Pro camera enhancements would significantly improve photography performance.

It’s probable that VNchocoTaco, or ShrimpApplePro as they’re now known, is to blame for the rise in performance. They think that Apple’s decision to use LPDDR5 RAM instead of the previous generation’s LPDDR4 RAM is largely responsible for the A16’s performance gains.


There has been some speculation that Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro models would use the A16 processor, although this has not been confirmed. Apple has never offered a two-tier arrangement for its iPhone chipsets before.

Other speculations claim that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will have new pill and punch-hole-shaped cutouts for the front camera and Face ID in instead of the famous notch. The 48MP primary camera sensor and the always-on display are also rumoured for the Pro phones, but neither of these features is expected for the basic iPhone 14 or the forthcoming iPhone 14 Max.


When Apple eventually unveils the iPhone 14 line-up, we’ll know for sure what innovations are coming and to which iPhones. Even then, it’s unlikely to happen until September. In the meanwhile, keep an eye on our rumour round-ups for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro.

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