Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 expected to catch Apple Watch


The charging speed of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 might be doubled.

Image credit: Future

According to FCC records, the charging wattage of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 appears to have been increased, resulting in faster charging times when needed.

Smartwatch models SM-R900 and SM-R910 have been listed by the US tech regulator as being compatible with 10W charging, while SM-R920 has been listed as being compatible with 5W. New Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and standard Galaxy Watch 5 models are expected to be part of this trio.


The 5W charging speed of the Galaxy Watch 4 series is standard for smartwatches. However, the Apple Watch 7 has a quicker charging method than the Galaxy Watch. Compared to the Apple Watch 6, the Apple Watch 7 can go from 0% to 80 percent in 45 minutes, which is a 33% improvement. For the Apple Watch 8 later this year, we don’t anticipate that to change, so now would be a wonderful opportunity for Samsung to catch up.

Other rumours claim that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will have a massive 572 mAh battery. So, even though the battery should last a long time, recharging might be a hassle if the charging isn’t fast enough.

All of these gadgets include Bluetooth and NFC connection, as well as Google’s WearOS software, according to the descriptions. With the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung ditched its own TizenOS operating system in favour of WearOS, which was expected for the next Galaxy Watch series.


Along with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, we’re anticipating the arrival of the Galaxy Watch 5 in August. Seeing the Galaxy Watch at the FCC suggests that it will be released soon. Our Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 hub page will keep you up to date on all of the newest speculations.

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