Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: All rumors and leaks


This may be the finest Samsung watch yet. Rumors of a new Pro model have been floating around for a while now.

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A non-invasive body composition sensor was included with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 last year, as was a basic sporty-looking model and a Classic version with a physical bezel. First smartwatch to run Wear OS 3, a single platform that brings together Google applications and Samsung’s own software

How, therefore, can the Galaxy Watch, now in its fifth edition, hold on to its crown as the greatest Android smartwatch? It’s time for Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 5 to try something new in the wearable industry, with the rumoured Google Pixel Watch looming. Fitness-tracking features, a fresh look for the wristband, and more are all possibilities.


All we know about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, and what we’d want to see from Samsung in its upcoming smartwatch, are listed below.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 possible release date

If Samsung adheres to its regular product release timetable, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is expected to be released in August 2022. In addition to the Samsung Unpacked presentation on February 9 (here’s how to watch Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2022), which will feature the unveiling of the Galaxy S22 series, the firm is well-known for holding a second major event in the summer.

During the month of August 2021, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 were unveiled, as well as the Galaxy Watch 4. Such as the Galaxy Z Fold 4 or another foldable, we may expect to see the Galaxy Watch 5 appear alongside the Galaxy Z Fold 4.


It’s ironic that leaker Jon Prosser has now claimed just that, according to reports. When does the Galaxy Watch 5 go on sale? It will be unveiled on August 10th, followed by the release of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and the Galaxy Flip 4.

In the weeks preceding up to a Samsung product event, the company’s goods are regularly leaked or teased. To put it another way, we should have a better idea of when the Galaxy Watch 5 will be available.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 price expectations

According to rumours, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will have a similar pricing to the Galaxy Watch 4. The 40mm Bluetooth variant of the Galaxy Watch 4 costs $249.99, while the 40mm LTE model costs $299.99. The 42mm Bluetooth variant of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic costs $349.99, while the 42mm LTE model costs $399.99.


Because of this, we may see a wider range of prices for the Galaxy Watch 5. Could possibly bring back the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s $399 price point, which is similar to the pricing of the iPhone 7.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 design and specs

There have been a few leaks, but not many details regarding the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5.

It’s the most current one from GalaxyClub, which claims to have discovered the codenames and model numbers for the three speculated variants of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5.


In particular, the SM-R90X, codenamed “Heart-S,” is the smallest. There are reports that it would be available in two sizes: 40mm and 42mm. This would make it the successor of the Galaxy Watch 4.

The ‘Heart-L’ — or SM-R91X — is the second model. This is expected to be a successor for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and will allegedly be available in 44mm and 46mm widths.

As previously mentioned, there’s speculation that there will be a “Pro” version as well.


According to reports, the Galaxy Watch 5 may have a variety of sensors, including a heart rate monitor and an accelerometer. Samsung hasn’t confirmed any of these, but a report from Korean site ET News suggests the Galaxy Watch 5 will have temperature sensors.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst, claims that the Galaxy Watch 5 will not have temperature-sensing technology.

So, who should we believe in this situation? There’s no reason to believe either one of them at this point. In contrast to Kuo’s belief, the next model may not have the technology due to “algorithm restrictions.” In light of his previous claims concerning Apple Watch 8, which is also expected to include a temperature sensor, it is safe to assume he has some background knowledge on the matter.


According to an FCC listing for three Galaxy Watch 5 models, all of them are capable of charging at a maximum of 10W. (opens in new tab). The Galaxy Watch 4 uses 5W charging, so this would be a significant improvement.

The titanium and sapphire glass architecture of the anticipated Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has earned the ‘pro’ designation. These appear to indicate a watch that is resistant to bumps, knocks, and scratches, but the real concern is how this will affect cost.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro rumors

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro variant may be on the way, according to a recent rumour. The 572 mAh battery capacity of this device hasn’t been revealed, although it’s possible. In comparison to the 361 mAh battery featured in Samsung’s bigger 44mm Galaxy Watch 4, this is not just an almost 60 percent increase, but it is also the largest wristwatch cell we have heard of to date.


This large battery has the potential to improve the purported smartwatch’s durability as well as accommodate a wide range of functionality, such as blood glucose monitoring and other capabilities that might be game-changing for diabetics.

According to reports, Samsung may discontinue its current Classic model in favour of this new Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Although it is not certain whether Samsung will continue to use the rotating bezel on the Pro, it is expected to.

On the other hand, a recent leak from GalaxyClub(opens in new tab) casts doubt on claims that the Pro would replace the Classic and instead suggests that it might be one of three Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 versions. Codenames and model numbers for the Watch 5 have been discovered on that site, and there are three of them.


In this leak, the SM-R92X model number for the Pro is mentioned, but there’s no information on its size.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 features: What we want to see

The capabilities of the upcoming Galaxy Watch will determine whether or not it is the greatest smartwatch of the year. We’d like to see some of them come to fruition.

It would be wonderful if the next Galaxy Watch had a longer battery life. With the always-on display and regular activity monitoring, we found that the Galaxy Watch 4 lasted little over a day. With a battery life of up to six days and nine days, Fitbit Sense and Garmin Venu 2 Plus are the closest competitors.


We’d also like the FDA to approve a function that’s currently in the Galaxy Watch lineup: blood pressure monitoring. If you live in the United States, you won’t be able to utilise Samsung’s smartwatch’s blood pressure monitoring feature.

Sleep coaching capabilities were recently added to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 as part of a software upgrade to assist users get better sleep over time. We’d like to see Samsung go a step further with recuperation features like the Oura Ring Generation 3 that recommend rest days. Even Fitbit’s Daily Readiness Score might be included into the Galaxy Watch 5.

We think the Galaxy Watch 5 should offer more colour options than just plain metallics, taking a page from the Apple Watch Series 7’s playbook. A neutral-colored wristwatch might be ideal for people who wish to use it with a range of clothes. However, the Galaxy Watch 5’s design would be improved if it came in a more vibrant colour like red, blue, or green.


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