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Nothing confirms that phone (1) won’t be sold in the US


The Nothing phone (1) will not be accessible in the United States, as we had speculated. When 100 limited edition devices were put up for sale yesterday, no North American carrier was listed. When asked about their thoughts, the corporation replied, “

However, we’re focusing on our home regions, including as Europe and the United Kingdom, where we have excellent relationships with leading local carriers. As you may be aware, launching a smartphone requires a great deal of work, from securing carrier agreements and local regulations to making sure the handset is supported by the country’s cellular technologies.

In order to use Verizon’s network, a phone must be on the company’s whitelist. The same applies to AT&T, which only allows VoLTE on certain phones. At the end of February, AT&T will shut down its 3G network, so that practically means that VoLTE is no longer an option. However, because T-Mobile does not use all of the bands that European providers do, there will be some gaps in service.


A smartphone launch in the US is something that nothing plans to accomplish, but it will require the support of a major carrier before it can happen. The OnePlus 6 was the first device from Carl Pei’s former firm to be sold in the United States and Canada and to be compatible with a variety of carriers (but not all).

PS. The launch date for the Nothing phone (1) is July 12, despite the fact that certain devices are now being auctioned off.


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