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New WhatsApp upgrade will stop Last Seen snitching


Updates for iOS and Android devices are presently being rolled out.

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It’s now easier to limit who can and can’t access certain information on your WhatsApp account.

Your WhatsApp profile photo, about description, and last seen status are all affected by this change. To whom those three details are shown, you can now choose. Last Seen control is one of the features being developed, and has been since November 2021. Control is being extended to both of these options.


Hidden details

As a result of this upgrade, you can no longer choose whether or not you want the public to have access to those specific account details. Everyone who isn’t restricted will be able to see that information, so there’s no need to worry about that.

If you restrict your Last Seen status to a certain individual, you will no longer be able to see their status as a result of the new update. Both Android and iOS users will be able to take advantage of this new feature. Go to Settings on WhatsApp, click Account, and then Privacy in order to see if you’ve received the latest version of WhatsApp.

For example, if you click on your profile photo, you should get a new entry that reads “My contacts excluding…”. That’s a new feature that lets you control who can see your personal information. You should get WhatsApp if you don’t already. The availability of this feature around the globe has not been confirmed by WhatsApp.


Snuck-in features

WhatsApp quietly slipped in three new group call capabilities along with the security upgrades. A new feature allows you to mute or message particular callers. Additionally, when someone joins a large-scale call, a new indicator will appear at the bottom of the screen. Will Cathcart(opens in new tab), WhatsApp’s CEO, revealed this information on his personal Twitter account.

New features have been discovered in an Android beta, according to the WhatsApp news site WABetaInfo. “Group Membership Approval” is a new administrative feature in the beta.

In WABetaInfo’s words, the functionality gives group creators the ability to control who can join a conversation. Members of a group chat can ask others to join, but the author must first approve the additional participants. Go into the group chat settings and toggle on Group Membership Approval, according to reports. In the beta, WABetaInfo also uncovered new emojis that are gender-neutral(opens in new tab).


Join the Google Play Beta Program(opens in new tab) right now and download to your device if you’re interested in trying out the beta. There is a new function in WhatsApp that makes it simple to move data between Android and iOS devices.

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