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Leaked Benchmark Results Show M1 Ultra Beats the 28-Core Intel Mac Pro in First Place


This morning, Geekbench posted the first test results for Apple’s new M1 Ultra processor, indicating that the upgraded M1 Max can actually exceed the most powerful Mac Pro.

A single-core score of 1793 and a multi-core score of 24055 were achieved by the Mac Studio with a 20-core M1 Ultra processor, which was dubbed Mac13,2.

M1 Ultra is 21 percent quicker in this test comparison than the most powerful Mac Pro, which is powered by the 28-core Intel Xeon W processor and clocks in at 1152 for its single core and 19951 for its multi-core performance. For single-core performance, the M1 Ultra is 56% quicker than the Mac Pro’s 28 cores.


Apple has stated that the M1 Ultra is up to 60 percent quicker than the 28-core Mac Pro when it comes to CPU performance, so it may be referring to single-core disparities in the numbers that it published today. As this is only one test, the M1 Ultra could perform better in subsequent tests after the March 18 release of the Mac Studio.

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