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Joker 2 Is Happening And It Has A Terrible Title


Joaquin Phoenix returning for Joker 2, the expected sequel to the surprise 2019 smash that got things off in this growing series, has been churning the rumour mill lately. People were rightly concerned about seeing more of Arthur Fleck and his rise to power in Gotham after witnessing a very different perspective on the Clown Prince of Crime in this new series. Now that Deadline has confirmed a sequel is in the works, that appears to be the case. The working title for the film is Joker: Folie à deux.

Todd Phillips, the writer and director of the first Joker film, posted a picture of the script’s cover on Instagram. With its blood-red cover, the Folie à deux title is clearly stated, and it appears to have been completed no more than a month ago. He didn’t say anything else, relying solely on this picture to convey his thoughts. Folie à deux is a French phrase that describes a mental illness that affects two or more persons, usually members of the same family, at the same time. In light of Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of the Joker in the first picture and the character’s history in general, it’s easy to guess where things are headed with Joker 2. Check out Todd Phillips’ Instagram for more.

You may see a photo of Joaquin Phoenix reading the Joker 2 screenplay in Todd Phillips’ second section of the piece. Considering how the previous film ended, it’s safe to assume that the actor will be making a reappearance. This year, he won Best Actor at the Academy Awards for his portrayal of the Joker, a role he’s been developing for years. It was nominated for Best Picture at the same time.


Whether Joker 2 or Joker: Folie à deux can match the success of the first picture is something to keep an eye on. As a surprise blockbuster, Joker is among the best of all time. On a budget of little over $70 million, the picture earned more than $1.07 billion in ticket sales, making it the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever.

Few expected the character to be crushed in this fashion by Phoenix and Phillips, despite the high level of interest in how they would portray him. Because, at least for now, it stands outside from the DCEU and the most recently released The Batman, this picture is even more brilliant for creating a distinct universe all of its own. In Joker 2, it will be further developed.

Once more definite information on the timing and casting for Joker 2 becomes available, we may expect to hear more about it in the near future. Some of the most significant obstacles, though, appear to have already been overcome.


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