An Ultimate Guide to Become an Accomplished Writer


Have you decided to pursue a career as a writer?

If this question rings you, rest assured it is an excellent option.

However, you may now be asking how to become a seasoned writer? How many pages of content must you write before you can call yourself a writer? 


If these questions are your key concern, keep reading this article to discover more. The following tips will help you become an expert writer. 

Choose the kind of writer you want to be

First things first!

Writers are divided into two groups: those who write for personal pleasure and those who write professionally.


 If you have decided to pursue a career as a renowned writer, there are several options available to you. Take a look at some of the most prevalent writing niches:

  • Content writing

A content writer wrote this guide you are reading right now. In fact, content writers wrote all of the content you have ever read on a website, including how-to manuals and informative articles.

Even the ads you have seen on television are written by content writers—after all, someone has to create the scripts.


Following are the specialties of content writing:

  • Article writing
  • Blog writing 
  • Ghostwriting
  • Scriptwriting 
  • Copywriting

Copywriters create taglines, product descriptions, and other passionate pieces of writing that entice people to take a course of action.

Following are the specialties of this niche:

  • SEO copywriting 
  • Brand copywriting
  • Email copywriting
  • Marketing copywriting
  • Direct response copywriting

While many copywriters work for clients on a full-time basis, others work for themselves as freelancers.

  • Technical writing 

Technical writers develop documentation that instructs individuals on how to utilize software and technology. Instruction manuals, how-to instructions, articles, and product guides are some of the ways they achieve this.

 They create comparable material to content writers, but the distinction is that technical writers write to explain how a product or system works, while content writers try to attract readers as part of wider marketing efforts.


Following are the specialties of this area:

  • Medical writing
  • Technical documents and reviews 
  • User manuals and assistance guides

Enroll yourself in a writing course 

If you want to hone your writing skills, you should enroll yourself in an online writing course. In this way, you will learn how to persuade your readers with your words. It takes a rather unusual approach, but it works. 

If you are searching for a solid place to start, you can search for a free writing course on Google and enroll yourself in a custom course. 


Write down important ideas

There is only one way to become a writer: you must begin writing.

Where do you start?

It would be best to pen down thoughts as they come to mind.  Whether you are having lunch with your family or waiting for a bus, thoughts pop into our heads all the time. 


When they occur, you will need a tool to record them so you can convert them into a wonderful piece of content. In this scenario, many accomplished content writers and copywriters use an online notepad to write crucial ideas that come to their minds. 

Alt tag (online notepad)

This tool instantly computes the total number of characters, words, and lines you have written. In this way, you can keep track of your word count as well.


Using this online notepad tool, you can lock your notes that contain confidential information so that no any other individual access them. Plus, you can also save and download your notes in order to give them a new life for crafting an excellent copy. 

Learn how to research relevant keywords

In order to impress your readers with your content, you should come up with material that best fits their search queries. What else is better than keyword research?

Search engine algorithms, no matter how advanced they develop, will never be able to recognize the greatest voice in a piece of writing without considering proper keywords. However, if keywords are present, your content will have a chance to be read.


You can use a credible keyword research tool to find the exact keywords. Industry trends change quickly, and new keywords become popular faster than you may think.

For each website or blog, you should choose one or two keywords to focus on. Plus, you should also focus on LSI (Latent Semantic Index) keywords. 

Start crafting an attractive title tag

It’s time to pique your readers’ interest by crafting a killer title tag. Also, title tags should be about 60 characters long, so devote as much attention to this as you do to the actual content production.


If you write above this character limit, Google will hide all the exceeding characters. In this case, your readers will get confused. Therefore, you have to write within this character limit.

Most significantly, include the main keyword in your title. 

Write a brief meta description

According to Google, the meta description is not a ranking criterion. But it does not mean you should skip writing a meta description. Absolutely not!


You have to write a comprehensive meta description that helps Google and your target readers to know what the content is about. Plus, you should also include a primary or secondary keyword in your description. Do not write a description of more than 160 characters. 

Improve your conversational style

This is maybe the finest writing advice that a writer ever got!

Be more conversational and casual, and use more contractions!


The more conversational you are in your writing, the simpler it will be for your readers to pick the central point read your writing. 

Final thoughts

If you are serious about becoming a proficient writer and giving the maximum value to your readers or your clients’ readers, who you would want to convert from prospects to customers, follow these above-mentioned tips.

Hope this article will help you become an excellent writer and earn a handsome income. Best of luck!


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