NFL Plus streaming service is coming: release date, cost and more


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You may anticipate an NFL Plus – a new streaming service that provides access to select NFL games — in the near future. We’ve known for a long that an NFL streaming service is on the way, but it was just rumored for a short time.

CNBC obtained confirmation of its existence from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (opens in new tab). A statement from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said, “We think it’s extremely essential to have a direct connection with the customer, and we believe that the NFL Plus service is going to be a tremendous success.”


To couch the incoming NFL Plus as all potential and less of an immediate important player, Goodell continued, stating “It’s really in an early stage, I think over the years you’l see that continue to grow…. It’s a method we’ll be using in the future.”

What would an NFL Plus subscription include? Consider all we now know and everything we anticipate to discover in the near future.

NFL Plus release date speculation

NFL Plus will be available for the next season, according to Goodell, who spoke to CNBC. specifically, “Timing will be for this season, at least in the opening stages,” he said. “


In the interview (conducted on July 8), he claimed that further information will be revealed “in a few weeks.” There is a good chance that the NFL will make an official announcement around the end of July, as the Sports Business Journal has reported.

Considering that the NFL pre-season kicks up on August 4, this all seems about perfect.

NFL Plus cost and pricing

Although a source warned price structure may vary, according to the SBJ story, NFL Plus is expected to cost $5 per month.


A sports-focused streaming service is likely to have a variety of tiers and packages available. In this approach, you can cater to both casual and die-hard followers alike.

NFL Plus streaming service features: What will it offer?

Live in-market (i.e. local) NFL games will be available to subscribers of NFL Plus if they haven’t already worked it out. As Yahoo and Verizon offered for free, the NFL is considering charging $5 a month for similar service. According to the SBJ research, other forms of audio programming, such as podcasts and radio shows, are also plausible candidates for inclusion.

However, there is one major red flag in that study. That is, if you take everything at face value. The “content highlight of NFL Plus,” according to the report, will be “Live games on mobile phones and tablets.”


This doesn’t seem plausible since it would be difficult to get off the ground without NFL Plus being accessible on the top streaming devices, such as Rokus and Fire TV Sticks. Even more so considering it was previously free of charge.

NFL Plus outlook: Will this be a hit?

Despite the fact that we’re not here to criticize Commissioner Goodell, there has been some discussion in the Tom’s Guide Slack regarding whether or not this will happen. If this service isn’t restricted to “phones and tablets,” it will have a far better chance of luring cord-cutters who simply want to watch their local games on a cable TV alternative.

There are now two significant NFL streaming partnerships in the works, but this is just one of them. According to Goodell, a new partner for NFL Sunday Ticket should be announced by the autumn. Among the rumored suitors are ESPN, Apple, and Amazon.


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