iPhone 14 Pro tipped with 48MP wide-angle camera 


Rumors that the iPhone 14 Pro would have a 48MP camera when it goes on sale later this year have been bolstered by Mark Gurman.

 (Image Credit: Twitter/ @rendersbyIan)

A new Power On video from Gurman reaffirms a lot of what we already know about the iPhone 14. In other words, the iPhone 13 retains a design similar to Apple’s current greatest iPhone.

Face ID will be replaced with a “pill-shaped” cutout on the iPhone 14 Pro, according to Gurman. The’mini’ iPhone 14 is going to be replaced by the ‘Max’ version of the iPhone 14, according to the rumour mill.


Gurman’s prediction that the iPhone 14 Pro will have a 48MP wide-angle camera was the most significant discovery. Ming-Chi Kuo has earlier suggested the following feature:

From now on:

Kuo said on Twitter that the higher camera bump is due to the adoption of a new 48-megapixel camera. To accommodate the bigger sensor, the camera will be physically larger. This, in theory, will enable for better photographs to be produced.


The wide-angle camera of the 14 Pro/Pro Max has been upgraded to 48MP, compared to the 13 Pro/Pro Max’s 12MP. There will be an increase in diagonal length of 25-35 percent and in the height of 48MP’s 7P lens of 5-10 percent.

According to Gurman, the standard 12-megapixel camera on the iPhone 14 will stay on the device. He also reaffirmed speculations that Apple may provide SOS over satellite and emergency texting in future versions of iOS.

Finally, Gurman claims that Apple is developing new iPhone hues. There have been rumours floating around that one of those hues might be a shade of purple that varies depending on the light.


At some point this year, the iPhone 14 is likely to be released within its customary September launch window.

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