iOS 16’s editable iMessages found with big issue


Editing iMessages may not work properly on older iOS devices.

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Is it possible to change iMessages if all users are on the latest version of iOS? That’s one of the most intriguing aspects of iOS 16.

Sending edited messages from iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 beta-equipped devices to older iPhones running iOS 15 or earlier does not truly alter the original message, according to 9to5Mac(opens in new tab). This time, an entirely new message with the amended text and “Edited for” was sent to the recipient(s).


iOS 16 may not be able to delete the previous message from prior versions of the app. When editing messages sent to Android phones, it is possible that this doubling-up will occur as well.

This is still an improvement over the initial beta, which simply wouldn’t communicate edits to iPhones running earlier OS versions at all.. A strange workaround for sure, similar to the way that using iMessage replies on an Android message would show up as its own message previous to a recent upgrade.

For the time being, this double messaging issue only affects iOS 16 beta users, which isn’t very many given that it’s a developer-only beta. Even if you have an iPhone 7 or older, or an Android device, you may still hear these messages when the public beta launches in July and the stable release is released (most likely with the iPhone 14). However, Apple’s engineers may be able to tweak the way this function works before then, but if not, it might quickly become annoyant.


There are several new capabilities in iOS 16 that won’t bombard your friends with a slew of messages that are somewhat different from one other. A medication tracker in Apple Health is just one example of the many new customization options available for the Lock Screen, as are Apple Pay Later options for deferring or dividing large purchases. You can find out what’s in store for your iPhone or iPad by reading our iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 guides.

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