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iOS 15.4 is now available for your iPhone with the latest features


We’ve entered the iOS 15.4 era. Following a beta test that started at the end of January, Apple has now published an update for iOS 15. With the release of Apple’s new green iPhone 13 and 13 Pro models on Friday, iOS 15.4 will be available for existing iPhones. This version is also pre-installed on the aforementioned iPhone SE (2022).

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iOS 15 was released in the autumn of last year, and since then, it has continued to grow in features and functionality. In addition to the new privacy report for all the applications loaded on your iPhone, the iOS 15 upgrade included SharePlay, which allows you to view films and listen to music with other FaceTime callers.

It was clear from the start that iOS 15.4 was going to be a significant update for iOS 15, as seen by the beta release. iOS 15.4 introduces a slew of fixes and adjustments, but there isn’t anything quite as big as SharePlay or an app privacy report that’s finally been released. Mask-wearing iPhone owners who haven’t been able to unlock their phones with Face ID since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak will be particularly pleased by this new feature.


Take a look at some of the most intriguing new features in iOS 15.4 and learn how to install it right now on your iPhone.

The release date of iOS 15.4

iOS 15.4 was released today (March 14). New colour options for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are also included in the software update, which comes only a few days before the March 18 debut of the iPhone SE (2022). (Apple’s new “Alpine Green” colour choice for the Pro models is referred to as “Green.”) Each of the three devices will come preloaded with iOS 15.4.

iOS 15.4 is now available to those who have a compatible iPhone. To get the over-the-air update, open the Settings app and choose General from the drop-down menu. Take a look at the Software Updates section, and iOS 15.4 will be there. To download and install iOS 15.4, all you have to do is follow the onscreen instructions.


Before making any changes to your iPhone, save a full backup first. In order to complete the update, you may want to keep your iPhone connected in.

The iOS 15.4 upgrade will work with your existing iPhone if you can run iOS 15 on it. Apple’s new iPhone 6s and iPod touch 5th generation models are included in this list of compatible devices. iPadOS 15.4 will have many of these same capabilities, as well as the introduction of Universal Control.

The best new features in iOS 15.4

Using a mask for Face ID


Face ID can now detect your face even if you’re wearing a mask, a feature that wasn’t included in the original developer beta of iOS 15.4 but is now available in the final release. If you’re willing to give up some security in exchange for the convenience of not having to enter your password every time you want to unlock your phone, this feature is for you!

There’s a new option under Face ID & Passcode that lets you use the function while wearing a mask. You’ll be prompted to scan your face again if you turn it on. Even if you’re wearing a mask, Face ID should unlock your phone whenever you look at it.

Only iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 devices are supported. While the iOS 15.4 beta on my iPhone 13 has the Use with Face Mask feature, the identical beta on my iPhone 11 Pro Max does not.


iOS 15.4 beta included a prompt to gaze down at the phone while you’re wearing a mask in order to improve Face ID recognition.

Siri now has a new voice.

iOS 14.5 featured a significant change for Siri – the iPhone’s digital assistant no longer defaulted to a female voice in Siri. Because Apple was concerned about making Siri more accessible, they made it possible for you to choose your preferred Siri voice.

American users on iOS 15.4 now have access to a fifth Siri voice choice, reportedly meant to be more gender neutral. Check out the new voice by going to Siri & Search and choosing Siri Voice—voice 5 is the new one.


Notes and Reminders may now be accessed through live text.

Those of you who have been using iOS 15 for a while are surely already familiar with the Live Text function, which enables you to copy and paste text directly from the camera of your phone into other applications. iOS 15.4 enhances the integration of the text-scanning capability known as Live Text with Notes and Reminders.

Scan Text has been added to the pop-up menu that displays in both apps. Choosing that brings up a camera window where you may take a picture or copy text from a book or note. Once you’ve recorded all the text you need, you may touch insert to have it appear in your Note or Reminder.

Tap to Pay and a new Apple Pay authentication screen

When I take my iPhone out of my pocket, I discover that I’ve mistakenly activated Apple Pay by double-clicking the side button. I’m now gazing at a list of all the credit and debit cards I’ve saved on my phone instead of my lock screen. It’s quite upsetting.


In my opinion, Apple has added a little degree of security to the iPhone. I don’t know whether this is the case for other individuals. A new authentication screen that asks for either Face ID or a passcode is now shown when you double-click the side button. Yes, if you’ve enabled Face ID to operate with face masks on your iPhone, you can simply bypass the login screen.

With iOS 15.4, Apple’s digital wallet is getting more than just a new look. In the latest version of Apple’s software, a new feature called Tap to Pay is being introduced that will enable anybody with an iPhone to take contactless payments straight from their smartphone. When it comes to small businesses, the changeover is considered as a method for them to take mobile payments without the need for any additional technology.

iOS 15.4 introduces a slew of new emoji.

More than 30 new emojis are included in iOS 15.4’s emoji update, which means you may use them in your text messages, tweets, and emails.


A melting face, love hands, and disco ball are among the 37 emoji. There is a pregnant woman emoji and a pregnant guy emoji. Biting lip, beans, a troll, and a jar are some of the other symbols you’ll see. The Unicode Consortium approved all of the emoji that would be included in iOS 15.4 in September.

The Magnifier app now has new camera choices.

To assist me understand labels and hard-to-see language, I’ve configured my iPhone’s side button to activate the Magnifier app. Thanks to new camera modes coming in iOS 15.4, it seems like I’ll be able to choose between my iPhone’s cameras.

In the Magnifier app’s settings, you may add a Cameras control to the app so that you can choose between different lenses. Depending on the kind of phone you have, you can only use certain cameras. For example, I can now choose between Auto, Telephoto, Macro, and Selfie modes on my iPhone 11 Pro Max. Only wide-angle and selfie cameras are available on the dual-camera iPhone 13.


However, with the current version of iOS 15.4 beta, which I’m using on various phones, this functionality appears to have vanished. So we’ll see whether this new feature makes it into the final version of Apple’s Magnifier app after the beta testing period.

Notes in the Passwords section of Keychain

Passwords may be stored on your iPhone and retrieved quickly using the keychain. A notes field, on the other hand, is brand new in iOS 15.4. You may jot down password reminders under the Settings app’s Passwords section.

Why would you do anything like that? The Passwords area may be used to look for such notes as well. Also, remembering the name of the programme or website you want to connect into is more difficult when you just enter in the password instead.


Improvements in AirTag anti-stalking

This update marks the beginning of Apple’s overhaul of the AirTag and its Find My App capabilities. Setting up an AirTag now includes a warning that monitoring someone without their permission is illegal, and victims and law enforcement will be able to locate your information through the tag when it is found.

When it comes to AirTags, you’ll no longer be able to turn off all warning messages, and other Find My things will be correctly recognised in these warnings rather than showing up with an unhelpful general notice.

AirTag updates from Apple aren’t over, as the company has promised to add a variety of anti-stalking capabilities by 2022.


What’s next for digital ID?

When iOS 15 was unveiled last year, one of the things Apple emphasised was the Wallet app’s impending ability to hold digital copies of drivers’ licences and state ID cards. This feature has yet to be implemented, however it may do so with the release of iOS 15.4.

According to MacRumors, code in the iOS 15.4 beta hinted to the new functionality back in February. “Find out when your driver’s licence or state ID is ready to use and get critical updates regarding your ID,” the code is said to say. Now that states are ready to embrace it, there has been anticipation that the functionality will go live.

IOS 15 will have a Digital ID feature that will be available in Georgia and Arizona. Aside from those mentioned above, Apple has also announced that it will be launching in Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Utah as early adopters.


Prompt SOS notification

After updating to iOS 15.4 beta, one item to look out for is a request to go over your emergency notification settings. To use this function, you must simultaneously push down on one of the iPhone’s volume keys and a side button on the device to summon emergency contacts.

When you press the Emergency SOS button, a list of your existing contacts will appear, allowing you to make changes. The Emergency SOS function may be activated in a variety of ways.

Other iOS 15.4 changes and additions are available.

Even if they’re only tiny adjustments, there are a few notable iOS 15.4 improvements.

  • The Up Next feature of the TV app now allows you choose between Still Frame and Poster Art for displaying the episodes you’ve added to your watch list. (You may do this by going to the Settings App for TV and making this edit.)
  • Now, Apple Music albums and tracks may be shared using the SharePlay option on the Sharing sheet.
  • If you have Apple’s credit card, you can now check your balance, available spending power, and recent spending history in an Apple Card widget.
  • By default, Shortcuts will show you banner alerts while running personal automations in the background, but you may turn this feature off.
  • It features a new notification panel in the App Store that allows you to configure alerts for New Features & Updates and Recommendation & Offers messages.
  • It’s possible to arrange podcasts by unplayed and downloaded episodes in Podcasts’ new filter options.

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