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Samsung Galaxy S22’s flat display was easily damaged during a drop test


The curving edges of the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s screen were found to be a weak point during drop testing. If the Samsung Galaxy S22 has a flat screen, does it indicate it is more durable? The team at PBKreviews tried to find out the answer.

image credits: techadvisor

The Gorilla Glass Victus+ is prone to cracks even when it is dropped from a height of only a few feet. If the phone strikes the ground on its side, it is damaged but otherwise unharmed. Cracks are formed when a Victus+ pane falls on its side (front or rear).

Keep in mind that if you don’t have Samsung Care+, you’ll have to pay $200 to replace the screen on a vanilla Galaxy S22. Check the cached version of the repair cost page to determine if it has been deleted. Putting a cover on your phone may also be a good idea, since the rear isn’t completely protected.


The following are some reasonable costs for a new screen:

Model Screen replacement cost (in the US)
Galaxy S22 Ultra $289
Galaxy S22+ $229
Galaxy S22 $199
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G $289
Galaxy S21+ 5G $229
Galaxy S21 5G $199
Galaxy S21 FE 5G $169

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