How to measure distance with Google Maps, on PC or mobile

Hello, Guys welcome back Learn How to measure distance with Google Maps. Understanding how to measure distance in Google Maps allows you to get even more out of the world’s most popular navigation tool. Google Maps does more than just assist you to travel from one location to another, whether you’re using the app on one of the latest and greatest iPhones or Android phones, or the website on a PC.

How to measure distance with Google Maps, on PC or mobile

You may calculate the distance between two or more pinned locations using the Google Maps app or website. What is the significance of this? It can save you time if you want to quickly verify the physical distance between two locations without having to arrange a route between them — or it can provide a brief moment of entertainment if you’ve ever wondered how far your house is from the North Pole.

Whatever your reason to do it, here’s how to measure distance with Google Maps.

How to measure distance with Google Maps: PC and Mac

1. Open Google Maps and right-click on a starting point. On the menu that appears, click “Measure Distance.”

2. Click anywhere on the map to draw a line between the starting point and the destination point. The distance, in a straight line, will appear in a box at the bottom of the screen. You can click on marked points to remove them.

3. Click on the line and drag it into position at various points to create a more complex route. The total distance calculated between the start and end points will be adjusted automatically. Alternatively, you can draw a route by clicking repeatedly along the desired direction.

4. To finish, click the “X” symbol in the distance measurement box.

How to measure distance in Google Maps: Android and iOS

1. Open Google Maps, then tap and hold on a starting point until a red marker appears.

2. At the bottom of the screen, tap the name of the place. This might be a specific address, but don’t worry if it’s just a town or city name — tap it anyway.

3. Tap “Measure distance.” You’ll be returned to the map, with a white dot surrounded by black crosshairs on the point you marked.

4. Move the map so that the crosshair points to the next spot you wish to add by pressing, holding, and dragging. Tap the blue “+” button once the crosshair is in place. The distance between the first and last points will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen.

5. Set a new point for each turn you’d need to make to measure a more complicated path. You can’t drag and move an existing line like you can on a PC or a Mac, so plan out the route step by step with the “+” button.

You can also undo points by hitting the backwards arrow icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

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