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How to make iced coffee in 4 easy steps


Here’s how to prepare iced coffee for a cool morning beverage.

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Everyone who is addicted to arabica should be able to make iced coffee. For those of us who enjoy coffee, it’s crucial to continue getting our caffeine fix after the temperature rises and the humidity increases. However, even if you make delicious coffee using one of the best coffee makers available, the warm weather may make the idea of a hot beverage unappealing. The ideal way to make sure we can still make it past 10am in one piece is to rustle up an iced coffee.

Fortunately, making iced coffee is very simple and doesn’t take long at all. Therefore, if the sun decides to come out unexpectedly, you won’t need to rush to gather additional ingredients and equipment because you can cool yourself practically immediately with an iced beverage that tastes like it came from a coffee shop. Here, we’ll show you how to prepare an iced latte, which only requires coffee, milk of some kind, ice, and, optionally, sugar or sweetener.


Here is a quick guide to making iced coffee.

How to make iced coffee

1. Brew your coffee – Making coffee comes naturally as the first step. The greatest outcomes will be obtained by creating a little amount of strong coffee, such as an espresso or a Nespresso shot, as our iced latte is mostly milk-based. You’re off to a great start if you’re fortunate enough to own one of the greatest espresso or Nespresso machines.

A larger, water-based coffee, such as an Americano or filter, will produce a thin, watery finished product, which is made worse by the fact that the water’s high volume will cause the ice we’ll be adding to melt quickly. Read our instructions on how to make cold brew coffee if you prefer a cold beverage that is based on water. In any other case, make an espresso or Nespresso shot as usual. If neither is available, combine two tablespoons of water with one heaping teaspoon of instant coffee.


2. Add sugar or a sweetener (optional): Before adding ice, which will make it more difficult to stir and dissolve, is the best time to sweeten your beverage. Once the coffee is prepared, add a teaspoon of demerara sugar or the customary amount of artificial sweetener. You might also use a teaspoon of honey or a tiny bit of your preferred syrup.

3. If you haven’t already, pour your coffee into a mug, cup, or glass. 3. Add the ice. Your iced coffee will be more diluted if you use a larger drinking glass, so pick a size that suits your preference for strength. Add more ice cubes on top.

4. Add your preferred milk – At this point, nothing further needs to be done. Try full-fat cow’s milk or barista-grade oat milk to get a drink with a richer flavor and thicker consistency because milk with more fat will have a thicker consistency overall. Add more milk, stir, and serve.


Unless you go a step further and prepare a frappé, the simplest method to drink your iced coffee is using a straw. Pour your beverage into a food processor or blender, then pulse or blend until the ice is the consistency of slush.

Your basic iced latte is now complete. While this is amazing on its own, it also makes a fantastic base for other ingredients, so start experimenting to make the ideal iced coffee for you. To prepare an iced mocha, you might combine your milk and cocoa powder beforehand. Alternately, make a cinnamon latte by combining milk and half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.


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