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Apple Watch 8 may get a feature, but Watch SE 2 may not


The Apple Watch 8 is the flagship model of the trio of whopping three Apple smartwatches that are rumored to debut in 2022. There have been various leaks about the features it might include, and one of them sounds very likely.

While some smaller leakers have been predicting this feature for a while, prolific Apple leaker Mark Gurman(opens in new tab) has added his name to the list, which lends a lot of weight to the prediction. This is body temperature tracking, which would be able to tell you if you’re too hot or have a fever.

Gurman claims in the most recent installment of his Apple newsletter that the other two wearables planned for this year—the Apple Watch SE 2 and the Apple Watch Rugged Edition—will not likely have this function.


That’s to be expected, really, given the tough wearable is anticipated to be a more durable version of the Apple Watch 8, while the Watch SE 2 will likely be built on previous models of the company’s smartwatches rather than the most recent ones.

Analysis: a boring upgrade?

The Watch 8 is slated to have an older chipset, so it won’t be more powerful, but Gurman speculates that it might have a brighter display in the same newsletter. Gurman also notes that there won’t be many other significant advancements in the Watch 8.

According to recent reports, the Apple Watch 8 may not offer a significant improvement over the Watch Series 7 and will likely only appeal to those who already possess an Apple Watch from a previous generation (or don’t own one at all).


However, it’s okay because Apple has so many goods in the works that we really don’t need them all to be enormous and extravagant. The Rugged Edition (or Extreme Edition, as some anticipate calling it) may even be the genuine flagship model for ardent wearable enthusiasts.

We’ll have to wait until the year’s end to be certain, but we anticipate that the iPhone 14 and iPad Pro 2022 will feature the biggest upgrades.


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