How to Make Fine-Tuned Adjustments to Your Mac’s Audio Volume

Hello, Guys welcome back Learn How to Make Fine-Tuned Adjustments to Your Mac’s Audio Volume. Apple adds volume and brightness settings on Macs with a top row of function keys that may be adjusted in stepwise increments. However, there may be situations when you want to make finer adjustments to these parameters than the default increments allow, in which case continue reading.

How to Make Fine-Tuned Adjustments to Your Mac's Audio Volume

When you press the volume or brightness controls on your keyboard, an indicator with 16 set increments separated by lines appears on your Mac’s screen. It is possible to make more nuanced quarter-step changes to sound volume and screen brightness with the use of a keyboard modifier, employing a total of 64 increments.

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Hold down the Option and Shift keys on your keyboard together before pressing the volume or brightness controls. Make your changes, and you should see the onscreen indication go forwards and backwards in smaller increments (four over each segment).

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It’s a basic trick, but it’s quite beneficial when simply tapping the slider feels like too much of a leap and you’d prefer more precise control over, say, how quiet or loud your headphone audio output is.

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