How to take a Screen­shots on Sam­sung phone

Hello, Guys welcome back here you will learn the Top 5 Ways to Take Screen­shots on Sam­sung Galaxy Phones Screenshots are useful when you want to capture a portion of a webpage, display your phone setup, and so on. On Galaxy phones, Samsung provides four alternative methods for taking a screenshot. These many approaches may be valuable to you in a variety of scenarios.

How to take a screenshot with a Samsung phone

It’s difficult to find a more handy function on our smartphones these days than the ability to snap a screenshot, whether you’re trying to save a bit of information for later or want to share something you stumbled across. Most Android manufacturers, thankfully, have standardised this method, so understanding how to capture a screenshot on a Samsung Galaxy phone should be a piece of cake. Do you not believe me? I’ll teach you how in the video below!

Samsung’s One UI customization for Android phones aims to provide a lag-free experience. There are several functions that can be used to do the same action. It is up to the user to choose a trick to get the job done.


This is one of the easiest and universally accepted ways to take a screenshot on a Galaxy phone.

Keep pressing the volume down and power button at the same time, and the system will take a screenshot.

Screenshot editing take a screenshot on samsung

Within a few seconds, you’ll get a live image preview at the bottom, allowing you to share, edit, or tag the screenshot.

Unfortunately, there is no method to delete a screenshot directly from the options at the bottom. To move the screenshot to the recycle bin, open it and tap the delete icon.


The Edge panel, which was originally developed for Edge series phones to take use of the curved display, proved to be a surprise hit with consumers.

Taking cues from success, Samsung has introduced the Edge panel across the Galaxy lineup. The capability is also available on phones with flat displays.

The normal approach at the top captures a screenshot of the entire monitor. But what if you only want a piece of it? You can always crop the screenshot, but it adds another step to the process.

Instead, you can set up an Edge panel and use it to capture a part of the screen. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Open Settings on the Samsung Galaxy phone.

Step 2: Go to the Display menu and open Edge Panel.

Go to display menu take a screenshot on samsung
Go to edge panels take a screenshot on samsung

Step 3: Enable Edge panels toggle.

To enable screenshot functionality in the Edge panel, you need to turn on Smart select in it.

Step 4: From the same menu, go to Panels.

Select panels take a screenshot on samsung
Enable smart select take a screenshot on samsung

Step 5: Enable Smart select and other panels from the list. You can import Edge panels from the Galaxy Store as well.

If you want to understand everything there is to know about One UI Edge panel customization possibilities, visit our dedicated guide.

Swipe on the Edge panel to access the Smart choose panel after it has been configured. When you tap on Rectangle, a rectangle box will appear on the screen, allowing you to snap a screenshot.

Adjust the capture area by using the four corners. When you tap Done, a menu will open with options to edit, share, or save the screenshot. Save the snapshot to the Gallery by clicking the Save button.

Use edge panel take a screenshot on samsung
Adjust corner take a screenshot on samsung

You can also choose to extract text from the screenshot.

We prefer this way over the native method. It provides you more control over the snapshot area, allows you to extract text, and does not save the screenshot to the Samsung Gallery automatically.

Those who use the S-Pen will have an even easier time taking screenshots with the Edge panel. On the fly, you may use the S-Pen to snap exact screenshots.


If you’re having trouble with the volume or power buttons and find it cumbersome to utilise the Edge panel, you can always ask Google Assistant to help you out.

You can long press the power button on most Android phones, but Samsung has remapped it for Bixby assistant, so you can’t use it.

You must start Google Assistant on your Galaxy phone by using gestures from each side of the corner.

Ask google assistant take a screenshot on samsung

When you say “grab a screenshot,” the Assistant will capture the image and open the sharing menu. You may instantly email the screenshot to WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram, or save it to Drive, among other possibilities. You will not have those editing possibilities.


While Bixby isn’t as powerful as Google Assistant, it does have a few tricks in its sleeve for Samsung customers. Bixby routines, for example, is a fantastic add-on for creating total automation on your phone. The assistant also recognises often used commands. The ability to take a snapshot is one such command.

Bixby on samsung take a screenshot on samsung

Long-press on the power button and launch Bixby. Say ‘take a screenshot’ and Bixby will capture the current screen.

5. Capture more with ‘scroll capture’

After collecting a screenshot, you’ll notice a range of options at the bottom of the screen, including “screen capture.” This button – a box with down-facing arrows on the left side — causes the phone to scroll through the content on the screen and snap numerous screenshots, which are then stitched together into a single tall screenshot showing everything at once. This is extremely useful for collecting an entire webpage, a set of turn-by-turn directions, or a lengthy restaurant menu.

Simply hit the scroll capture button as many times as necessary; it will also stop automatically when you reach the bottom of the screen. When you’re finished, you can share, edit, or save the screenshot just like any other.

You can even capture a full document or page in one fell swoop by holding down on the scrolling button.

To save your screenshots, go to the Samsung Gallery app, which is located in the app drawer of your launcher. Screenshots are kept on the main camera roll, but you can also go to the Album tab and find them all in one place inside the Screenshot album.

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The first two techniques for taking a screenshot on Samsung phones will enough for the vast majority of customers. If you’re wearing gloves or driving, you can ask Google or Bixby Assistant to perform the work for you.

Which method will you use to capture screenshots on Galaxy phones? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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