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Google’s Nest Hub Max rolls out the ‘Look and Talk’ feature


You won’t need to invoke “Hey Google” ever again.

Credit: Zlata Ivleva / Mashable

What you must understand

  • The “Look and Talk” feature has been made available to all Nest Hub Max owners by Google.
  • At Google’s I/O 2022 event back in May, the functionality was unveiled.
  • It enables you to start speaking commands while still looking at your smart display.

Google first revealed a new feature for the Nest Hub Max in May, enabling customers to speak orders to their smart display without using the customary hot word. All users can now access the feature (opens in new tab).


On the Nest Hub Max, you can now activate Google Assistant by merely staring at it thanks to the “Look and Talk” function. The device’s camera cannot recognize your face or hear voice commands unless you are within 5 feet of it.

You must sign your device up for the Look and Talk program via the Google Home app before you can begin using it. Open the app, select “Features,” and then select “Google Assistant.” Under the Nest Hub Max, select “Face Match” and activate the Look and Talk feature.

When someone looks at it after that, the device’s camera will recognize them using Google’s Face Match algorithm.


Given that it eliminates the need to repeatedly say “Hey Google,” this function is a great addition to one of the best Google Assistant speakers. When it had the codename “Blue Steel,” it initially leaked in late 2020.

In order to ensure that the Nest Hub Max reliably recognizes persons of all skin tones, Google claims that the function makes use of Real Tone technology included in the Google Pixel 6 series. The function does all video processing locally rather than transferring your data to Google’s servers in order to safeguard your privacy.


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