Switching from iPhone to Android just got easier


Now, it’s simple to go from an iPhone to any Android 12 phone.

With Google now allowing you to utilize the Switch to Android app to switch to the greatest Android phones that it doesn’t create, giving up your iPhone has never been easier.

The software now allows you to transfer your iPhone data to any Android device running Android 12 (opens in new tab), according to a recent Google blog post(opens in new tab) describing Switch To Android (and some reasons why you’d want to use it). When the app first launched, it was only compatible with Google Pixel phones, such as the Pixel 6.


If you previously switched from an iPhone to an Android phone, you would either need to use a wired connection to transfer your files, images, and other data, but not your text messages or app settings, or you would need to hope that your Android phone’s manufacturer offers an iOS import option. However, you can now completely switch to any device via a Google-created app, making the procedure much easier and uniform across all Android devices.

If you inform the phone you’re switching from an iPhone to an Android smartphone during setup, you’ll be asked to download Switch to Android. Your information will be transferred to your new Android through WiFi when you scan a QR code and decide which items to transfer. If you’d rather communicate your data over a wired connection, you can use a USB-C to Lightning cable.

Since Switch to Android now supports all Android 12 devices, virtually all of the greatest Android phones you might be tempted to purchase will be covered. Be cautious when using older models or some less expensive new phones (like the Redmi Note 11 Pro), which continue to run earlier Android versions. You’ll have to wait till Android 12 is out for these devices, look for another phone, or use a different switching technique.


Frequently, it seems as though customers are converting from Android to iPhone more frequently than the other way around. Perhaps now that Google has finally surpassed Apple’s superior onboarding procedure, more consumers will go over to take advantage of the greater selection of hardware or the various apps offered on the Google Play Store.

If you’re interested, you can immediately begin transitioning to your new Android phone or tablet by downloading Switch to Android(opens in new tab) on your iPhone or iPad (although for some reason it’s still not listed in the App Store).

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