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Google Pixel 6a might have an older camera


The camera on Google Pixel 6a and Pixel 6a Pro will be different.

The Pixel 6a, like the other A-series phones from Google, appears to be a high-quality low-cost smartphone. Nevertheless, the $449 price tag means it won’t have one of the best features of the Google Pixel 6 or the Pixel 6 Pro.

It was first shown off at Google I/O 2022, and the Pixel 6a might even beat the most affordable iPhone. It may also be able to fix the fingerprint scanner issue on the Pixel 6.


There will be no 50MP sensor in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro; instead, the main camera will have a resolution of 12.2MP, with a 12MP ultra-wide lens. All previous A-series phones have introduced the flagship cameras to the lower-end models in order to make us feel as if we were getting the best of all possible worlds. Google, however, has kept with 12MP sensors since the initial Pixel phone and only changed things with its current flagship models.

The Pixel 6a’s 12MP sensor is the same as that found in the Pixel 5, 5a, 4, and 3 smartphones.

In addition to our previous complaints about the Pixel 6a, we’d like to note that it does away with the headphone port as well. However, this isn’t really a major concern since that wireless headphones are so widely available.


However, the Tensor chipset that powers the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro is included in the Pixel 6a, despite the lack of the Pixel 6’s top cameras. The cameras were the ‘core experience,’ as Google defines it, on prior Pixel models. Tensor has taken their place.

Even yet, the Tensor chip does enable some really cool photography effects, such as the Magic Eraser, so that may be sufficient. Even if the hardware fails to meet our expectations, we may be able to make up for it by using the best software.

Features like real-time speech recognition are powered by Tensor. On top of that, at Google I/O, Google demonstrated the Pixel 6a’s night mode, although it might have been the company’s response to Apple, which will not have a night mode on the iPhone SE 2022.


An exciting feature of the Pixel 6a is that it will ship with a powerful and intelligent Tensor chip, which will be available in July for $449 (£399; AU$749). We can’t wait to see how it works.

This is how to pre-order the Google Pixel 6a in advance of its launch if you’ve already decided it’s the phone for you.


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