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Google Pixel Watch confirmed — what we know so far


It’s official, the long-rumored Pixel Watch is coming this fall.

The Pixel Watch has been officially announced by Google. Google’s long-rumored smartwatch will be officially unveiled at Google I/O 2022. Google confirmed that a Pixel-branded wearable is really in the works, despite the fact that there were numerous grounds to suspect this.

We’ll have to sit tight for the time being. Along with the Google Pixel 7 series, the Pixel Watch is expected to be released in the fall. We know that it will run Wear OS 3, which might make it Google’s best smartwatch yet. Fitbit’s fitness tracking will be adapted to the wrist, as will some new Android experiences.


Aside from competing with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and even the Apple Watch 8, the Pixel wristwatch will have to live up to the long-anticipated expectations of Pixel smartphone owners. Here’s everything we know so far about the Google Pixel Watch, from projected availability and price to possible features. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

Release date of the Google Pixel Watch

The Pixel Watch will be available in the fall of this year. As far as a month goes, we’d put our money on October. As a matter of fact, this is the third time that Google has held hardware launches in October. We’ll learn the actual release date of the Google Pixel Watch at this event.

Google’s new Pixel Watch has got through a number of regulatory barriers, among them the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). This might imply that the smartwatch is almost ready for market.


The price of the Google Pixel Watch has been the subject of much debate.

In what price range is the Google Pixel Watch expected to be available? For the most part, no more than an Apple Watch. Google hasn’t announced a pricing for the Pixel Watch, but it’s likely to be in the mid-range. We’d anticipate Google to attempt and undercut the prices of the Apple Watch Series 7 and Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 by a few hundred dollars. To put it in comparison with Samsung S22 and iPhone 13, Google Pixel 6 series is less expensive than both of these devices.

It’s not going to be the cheapest phone on the market, but it might cost between $200 and $350 depending on the size and LTE options. According to what we know about Google’s price strategy for its other hardware products, this is merely a hunch.

Design of the Google Pixel Watch

(Image credit: Google)

The design of the Google Pixel Watch is still based on the teaser images that Google has released. With a digital crown on the right side and possibly some buttons, it has a rounded appearance. During I/O, the colour is silver, but there is no indication of additional colours or sizes. There are currently two sizes of smartwatches available on the market, so it’s possible that Google will follow suit.


Because of this, the Pixel Watch appears to be a sleek and basic smartwatch, similar to previous Pixel products. In the meanwhile, wearers may personalise their watches with interchangeable bands.

For the time being, we don’t know anything about the inside. According to Pixel Watch leaker Yogesh Brar, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4’s ‘BioActive Sensor,’ which can detect heart rate, ECG, and body fat percentage, will be used in the Pixel Watch.

It’s possible that the Google Pixel Watch contains even older technology. 9to5 A 10nm Exynos 9110 processor, which originally appeared on the Samsung Galaxy Watch in 2018, has been rumoured to power the new watch.


Google’s Fitbit-enabled Pixel Watch is now available.

The Google Pixel Watch will use Fitbit’s fitness tracking, which is probably the most fascinating feature. Even the best Fitbit devices can’t compete with Google Fit in terms of health tracking. Pixel Watch will have Fitbit Premium features and other health-monitoring technologies, like workout tracking, active zone minutes, and more.

As a result, the Google Pixel Watch vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will be an intriguing showdown in the fall.

Wear OS on the Google Pixel Watch.

Google’s Wear OS software will be included in the Pixel Watch, which comes as no surprise. Is there anything that can be done to make the programme better, or at least different?


In addition to Google Fit, Google Pay, and hands-free access to Google Assistant on third-party smartwatches like TicWatch and Fossil, popular Wear OS features on third-party devices include a Google Play smartwatch shop. However, the latest, more improved Wear OS version works well on Galaxy Watch 4 despite these capabilities’ previous shortcomings.

Later in 2022, when new Wear OS-compatible smartwatches go on sale with a different user interface, we should have a better idea of what it means for Wear OS.

A comparison of the Apple Watch with the Google Pixel Watch.

There is a chance that the Google Pixel Watch could defeat the Apple Watch at its own game, but it will take a lot of effort from Google and a lot of innovative features. An excellent Wear OS experience that is easy to use and has a wide variety of useful apps is required. Google would also have to take use of the advantages of Google Assistant over Siri on your wrist while also delivering seamless interaction with other Google services like Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Calendar.


A fitness tracker that can compete with the Apple Watch’s sensors and workout tracking will require the Pixel Watch to build on its recent acquisition of Fitbit. Fitbit’s Active Zone Minutes and Daily Readiness Score are two of the best features.

Finally, for the Pixel Watch to succeed, it will have to provide lower prices and a longer battery life than the Apple Watch.

the future of the Google Pixel watch

The Google Pixel Watch is highly anticipated, as previously said. Google’s first in-house smartwatch has been anticipated for years, but now we’ll have to wait a little longer. Despite our best intentions, we can’t know for sure until we put it on our wrist.


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