Google Pixel 6a could fix one of its problems


The fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 6a operates significantly more quickly than it does on the Pixel 6 Pro, according to leaked video.

Even though the Google Pixel 6a won’t go on sale for another month, recent links have been teasing new features that could appear in the company’s entry-level phone.

A video of the Pixel 6a that was released by Malaysian YouTuber Fazli Halim(opens in new tab) demonstrates how much faster the Pixel 6a’s fingerprint reader is than the Google Pixel 6 Pro. The fingerprint issue with the Pixel 6 series was one of its biggest flaws, so this is unquestionably wonderful news.


Fazli, who appears to have purchased a Pixel 6a early, conducts a hands-on review in the video. He starts comparing the Pixel 6a fingerprint scanner to the Pixel 6 Pro at the 4:55 minute. When he uses the fingerprint scanner to unlock both phones, the Pixel 6a does it immediately while the Pixel 6 Pro has trouble. The fingerprint scanner on the Pixel 6a appears to be lot faster than the one on the Pixel 6 Pro, as seen in the video.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the Pixel 6a in the video is presumably not using finished software, and the actual user experience might differ from what’s seen there.

The fingerprint scanner on the Google Pixel 6 series has drawn criticism for being unreliable. Our Group Senior Editor for Mobiles, Philip Michaels, writes in our assessment of the Pixel 6 that the device’s “fingerprint sensor has run into the largest troubles, largely due to poor response times.”


Later, a Google support page had indicated that the “improved security algorithms” of the device were to fault for the Pixel 6 series’ problematic fingerprint sensors. It’s fantastic news that the Pixel 6a, a less expensive model in the Pixel 6 series, might be able to resolve this problem.

It’s unclear whether this is a hardware-independent remedy or if software alone is to blame. Google previously stated that the Pixel 6A’s in-device fingerprint sensor is different from that of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro’s.

The video supports this, thus it’s possible that the Pixel 6a will address one of the greatest problems with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.


If the fingerprint scanner on the Pixel 6a performs as intended when it launches next month, it may very well end up on our list of the best affordable phones.

We have also discussed the challenging dilemma of whether to purchase the Google Pixel 6 or wait for the Pixel 6a.


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