Finally Twitter belong to Elon Musk by the end of today


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, is on the verge of taking over Twitter.

image via CNBC

According to a fresh rumour, Tesla CEO Elon Musk might acquire Twitter by the end of Monday, April 25. Today is the date.

For the last 24 hours, rumours have swirled that Musk and Twitter are close to reaching an agreement, with the SpaceX founder eager to see things through. According to a recent Bloomberg story, the process may be completed in as little as a few hours.


A source with knowledge of the situation tells Bloomberg News that Twitter is in the final stages of discussions with Elon Musk. By Monday, social media business might achieve an agreement on a sale, according to the source. If talks go well.

Musk and Twitter’s board were reportedly discussing a purchase of $43 billion only a few hours earlier, according to the Wall Street Journal. Yesterday, it seemed that meetings were taking place.

Following Friday’s conversations, Twitter seems to have changed its mind after first rejecting the notion of a takeover.


Sources tell CNN that Twitter’s board of directors is considering a “no” or “yes” response to a proposal put out by CEO Elon Musk on Friday, following which he met privately with several shareholders. No matter whether he wins, he promised to address the problems with free speech that he believes plague the platform and the nation as a whole.

Musk had already been Twitter’s biggest shareholder and was expected to join the company’s board of directors prior to today’s announcement. He subsequently reversed course, with many believing that it was to enable him to purchase even more shares. After all these years of speculation, it looks that Twitter will be taken private on Tuesday.

On Twitter, Elon Musk has long complained about how the service is operated, saying that it inhibited his right to “free expression,” which others feel isn’t a fair judgement. They may soon learn what they’ve been afraid of, if the current claims about Musk owning Twitter prove to be true. It’s possible that an 11th-hour counter-bid may emerge from someplace, which is becoming more and more plausible as the clock ticks down.


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