Facebook’s new test aims to make finding groups easier


A new function that enables group members to communicate in more intimate, targeted settings is also being introduced.

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What you must understand

  • In the left sidebar, Facebook is currently testing a new way to display your groups.
  • You can now pin significant groups to make them stand out thanks to the adjustment.
  • Using Channels, admins can now organize conversations with community members in smaller groups.

Facebook is testing a new method that will allow users to easily access their favorite groups. A list of all of your groups is displayed in a new sidebar that the dominant social networking site has revealed it is testing.


There isn’t a simple way to join Facebook groups that interest you right now. You may access them by tapping the hamburger menu, then choosing Groups from the list of choices at the bottom.

To access groups you’ve joined after arriving at that section, hit the respective tab in the top navigation bar. This process will be sped up by the experimental sidebar.

Your groups are listed on the left sidebar in Facebook’s most recent experiment, making it simpler to access them. There are choices to start a new group, pin the ones that matter to you, or find new groups towards the bottom of the sidebar.


Facebook’s vice president of communities, Maria Smith, stated in a blog post, “We’re revamping how each group is organized, so you can jump directly into what’s happening” (opens in new tab). You’ll notice a new menu in your group that contains things like events, stores, and a number of channels to let you interact with people around the issues you care about.

Facebook is also introducing Channels, a new feature that enables group members to communicate with one another in more streamlined settings.

According to Facebook, group administrators may start creating channels right now on the top iOS and Android phones. Chat, audio, and feed channels can all be created.


You may communicate and work together in real time on specific topics across Facebook Groups and Messenger in the chat channel. When a chat room fills up, you will probably be removed if you are idle in it. You will be allowed to rejoin after that.

The audio feed, meanwhile, mirrors Discord’s essential elements in many respects. Real-time talks are open to both admins and members joining and leaving. Facebook claims that even though it is mostly an acoustic room, you can always turn on your camera.

According to Facebook, feed channels are made to enable administrators to “organize their communities around subjects within the group enabling members to connect around more specialized interests.” Facebook will present suggested feed channels for you to join within this channel.


Facebook’s parent corporation, Meta, is increasingly motivated to facilitate connections between online communities. To unite many groups under one roof, it launched the Communities tab for WhatsApp in April of last year.

Just a few months ago, Facebook introduced new tools aimed at group community creation, customisation, and ways for group managers to monetise groups.


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