Apple Maps rumored to upgrade that one-ups Google Maps


Routes for e-bikes may soon be optimized in Apple Maps.

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Apple Maps’ bike support may be improved. Not at all comparable to Google Maps, which provides a significantly greater number of bike-friendly routes and some assistance for e-bikes. However, several references discovered in the Apple Maps source code suggest that might soon change.

Steve Moser(opens in new tab), a journalist and iOS app developer, saw several lines of code using the term “E-Bike” as well as one that optimizes routes and ETAs for individuals riding them.


Unfortunately, Apple Maps does not yet offer these functions, indicating that more work has to be done. It’s unclear how much effort will be involved, and for all we know, testing may still be in its very early phases. Consequently, it might be some time before we can test it out for ourselves.

It’s unclear how much the routes for e-bikes and routes for conventional non-powered bicycles would differ from one another. In order to avoid sending users of e-bikes down trails and unpaved paths, we speculate that e-bike instructions may be willing to send them up greater inclines. However, until the functionality launches, if it does, we won’t be able to say for sure.


However, given that consumers are looking for ways to save money everywhere they can, this is the kind of feature we’d prefer to see appear as quickly as feasible. Knowing where to locate inexpensive gas is one thing, but having to pay for it when the national average is currently $4.86 per gallon is quite another (opens in new tab).

Cycling is a good alternative if you cannot afford an electric car or if supply chain concerns prevent the availability of a suitable model. E-bikes reduce the physical strain of traveling on two wheels without significantly raising the cost.

In contrast to regular bikes, Google Maps doesn’t seem to explicitly optimize routes for e-bikes. However, the app does have features that make renting an e-bike (and an e-scooter) considerably simpler in important global cities. This includes directing you to rental locations, providing pricing and range estimates, as well as details on the distance and your estimated arrival time.


We can only hope that Apple Maps will soon start providing capabilities of this nature, in addition to any additional e-bike support that might be coming soon. Following a car-friendly route isn’t usually a really good choice; it’s less safe than a dedicated cycle path, perhaps more congested, and probably more dirty. At the absolute least, I hope the corporation can increase its support for cycling.

In the interim, we have some suggestions if you’re interested in getting an electric bike to save money on transportation (and give yourself an excuse to skip the gym). If you want the best of the best, be sure to look at our list of the greatest electric bikes, or if you want to buy something for less than $1,500, look at our list of the best budget electric bikes.


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