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Everything We Know About Stranger Things Season 5


The “Duffer Brothers,” the brothers who created Stranger Things, wrote an open statement about the show’s future in February. According to the Duffers, Season 4 will be the most expensive yet with a $30 million per episode budget. Season 4 would be “the beginning of the end,” according to the letter.

It was stated that Season 4 will be the penultimate season, with Season 5 concluding the storylines of the characters introduced in Season 1. It was always their intention to run the program for four or five seasons, the brothers wrote, revealing how they had laid out a complete story arc before the first season even began filming. Eleven, Mike, Will and Hopper’s storyline will end in Season 5.

Season 5 of Stranger Things, on the other hand, wasn’t announced by the Duffers to be the final season of the show.


“The Stranger Things universe has so much more to offer: fresh mysteries, new adventures, and unexpected heroes galore. Eleven and her pals, a broken police chief and a fierce mother, a small town called Hawkins and an alternate world known only as the Upside Down” are the subjects of this final chapter.
Those “interesting new stories” will presumably inform some sort of spin-off from the original series, it appears.

Here’s what we know so far about Stranger Things’ upcoming fifth season.

Season 5 of Stranger Things will premiere when?
Netfilx’s season 5 of Stranger Things
The good news is that there will be a fifth season of Stranger Things. Because filming hasn’t started, it’s impossible to say when the show will premiere.


When asked about the last season in a recent interview, the Duffers claimed they didn’t yet have shoot dates. Seasons 4 and 5 were originally supposed to be shot back-to-back, but the length of Season 4 made that impractical. The delay in filming Season 5 will likely accommodate for the aging of the performers, according to the Duffers.

Netflix has stated that the season will be distributed in a “binge style,” rather than on a weekly basis, as several streaming providers are beginning to do. However, no specific date has been announced.

However, this may be optimistic, especially if the final season is as successful as Season 4.


In Season 5, what is the plot of Stranger Things?
Stranger things have happened.
This season, the Duffers have claimed, will focus on the Upside Down’s beginnings. It is also expected to investigate the world’s mechanics, including why there appears to be stuck in a certain moment in time, as well as the social hierarchy among the monsters who inhabit it.

Nancy’s discovery that the realm appears to be locked in 1983 revealed the Upside Down’s temporal stagnancy in Season 4.

When Eleven zaps Henry Creel—who, spoiler alert, becomes Vecna—into the Upside Down in Season 4, she opens the portal to the Upside Down far earlier than we initially thought.


In 1983, where does the Upside Down end up? The first monster, then, was Henry Creel.

Season 5 will provide answers to all of Upside Down’s lingering mysteries.

In the meantime, what about the Stranger Things spinoff?
According to the letter from the Duffers, the Stranger Things spinoff would not continue the tale of the original cast of characters in any way. Even if the spin-off does take place in Hawkins, it isn’t obvious.


Both Duffers are expected to be engaged in the spinoff, and it could be made into a film.

The Duffers shared an update on their efforts in a recent interview with Variety.

Our spinoff idea is one we’re really thrilled about… Nevertheless, we haven’t even shared our plan with anyone, much less written it down! People will be startled when they hear the idea since it’s so different from anything Netflix has ever done. However, Finn Wolfhard, a genius of a kid, correctly predicted what it was about. Finn is the only one who knows!
In the meantime, stay tuned for more information about the Stranger Things spinoff


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