Apple Promotes Durability of Apple Watch Series 7 in New ‘Hard Knocks’ Ad


Apple today unveiled a brand-new commercial for the Apple Watch Series 7 that emphasizes the wearable technology’s resilience under a variety of scenarios.

Apple Promotes Durability of Apple Watch Series 7 in New 'Hard Knocks' Ad

In the “Hard Knocks” advertisement, several situations are carried out in which people unintentionally or purposely subject their Apple Watch to various environmental factors, liquids, and physical impacts.
A few instances are someone falling while ice skating, someone sprinting for a bus and getting their wrist caught in the door, and someone plunging into a pool from a height.

The tagline of the commercial, which lasts 1 minute and 38 seconds and plays Jack White’s “Power of My Love” music, is “The most durable Apple Watch ever.”


According to Bloomberg, Apple is developing an Apple Watch model “with a tough case” for sports, hikers, and other people who use the watch in more challenging circumstances than daily wear. The functionality will be identical to that of a regular Apple Watch, but it will be more impact resistant and protected. In 2022, Apple is anticipated to release the tough Apple Watch.

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