Aura Carver vs Nixplay vs Skylight: Digital Frame Faceoff

It’s critical to choose the correct digital frame so you can appreciate your memories without worrying about storage capacity or anything else( Aura Carver vs Nixplay vs Skylight ). The Aura Carver and the Nixplay Smart Picture digital frames are two digital photo frames that have captured our interest.


Which Digital Picture Frame Is Better: Aura Carver or Nixplay Smart Photo 3?

Aura Carver vs Nixplay vs Skylight

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Nixplay is a well-known brand in the digital photography industry, because to its excellent feature-to-price ratio. Aura, on the other hand, is recognised for its stylish picture frames and high-resolution photos. The pricing of the Aura Carver and the Nixplay Smart Photo, on the other hand, are very different, so I went with the Nixplay Smart Photo. it brings us to an important question—which digital picture frame is better?

Well, that is what we will find in this post today, as we compare the Aura Carver against the Nixplay Smart Photo frame and see which is the better fit for your needs.


Digital picture frames resembled tablets more than photo frames not long ago. Thankfully, manufacturers are now beginning to add thick borders and mat boards to give them a more traditional appearance.


The Nixplay digital frame resembles most current photo frames in appearance. The edges are encircled by a thick bezel. The motion sensor in the bottom-right corner is the only element that gives it a ‘digital’ appearance.

This frame is extremely light. One of the key advantages is that the Nixplay frame can be mounted on walls. At the same time, the stand (which also serves as a power cable) is flexible, allowing you to simply adjust the frame’s orientation by twisting it. In a nutshell, it may be used in either landscape or vertical mode.

Aura Carver vs Nixplay Smart Photo Which Is the Better Digital Picture Frame 20

Even though the Nixplay Smart Photo bundles a touch screen display, it adds a remote. This small remote lets you change photos or the playlist easily without smudging the frame. Interestingly, you can also stick the remote on the back of the frame. This way, you won’t have to worry about the remote getting lost.



Nixplay Smart Photo

The Aura Carver, like the Nixplay frame, has a thin bezel surrounding the frame. The bezels are angular in this case, giving the frame a premium appearance. The Carver features a pyramid-like rear, comparable to the Amazon Echo Show, as opposed to the Nixplay’s flat back. The frame’s design makes it simple to stand it up on tabletops without any further assistance. The motion sensor is hardly visible here.

However, there are a few minor drawbacks to this design. For starters, you can’t hang the frame on the wall. Second, the frame’s design requires you to utilise it exclusively in landscape mode.


Despite this, the Carver has a creative design. It’s 7.5 x 10.6 x 2.6 inches in size. Although the Carver is 2 pounds in weight, the frame will not fall off.


Digital frames aren’t simply for digitally showcasing your favourite memories. They also come with extra features.

For example, the Nixplay Smart Photo Frame’s accompanying app allows you to sync and manage your photographs immediately. You may customise the app by selecting photographs, playlists, and transition effects, among other things.

Aura Carver vs Nixplay Smart Photo Which Is the Better Digital Picture Frame 2

You can link and sync your Nixplay account with services like Facebook, Google Photographs, Instagram, Flickr, and Dropbox in addition to the photos on your phone. On top of that, you can also send photographs by email.

Yes, Wi-Fi is required for this picture frame to work and sync photographs. However, due to the absence of internal memory and USB capabilities, it is reliant on Wi-Fi for continual sync.

It also has a motion sensor, which puts the frame to sleep to save battery life when it detects no one around.


The Carver, like the one above, allows you to sync images from your phone with services like iCloud Photo Library or Google Photos (see the top iCloud Photo Backup Alternatives). Carver, on the other hand, is not a fan of Facebook. On the plus side, you may use the online uploader to add photographs from your laptop.

Another benefit of the app is that you may invite family members to share their images with you. This sharing feature is a nice bonus.

The Aura Carver, like the Nixplay Smart Photo Frame, is entirely reliant on cloud storage and lacks the ability to upload photographs through USB flash drives or memory cards.



The Skylight is a budget buy and one of the cheapest high-rated digital frames around. It’s a no-frills offering at an affordable price. Plus, it’s slightly larger than the other two featured here.


If the frames in question have low image quality, all of the foregoing qualities are nullified. Thankfully, the Aura Carver and Nixplay Smart Photo Frame come with high-quality panels that display your precious images without pixelation or image loss.

The Nixplay Smart Photo is available in three different versions. The metal frame with the 9.7-inch screen features a 2K screen, while the other two have FHD and HD panels.

Aura Carver vs Nixplay Smart Photo Which Is the Better Digital Picture Frame

And it’s reasonable to say that the 2K screen performs admirably. On the IPS display, the images are clear and detailed. Because of the broad viewing angle, you can easily see the photographs from all angles.

Simultaneously, the Aura Carver comes with a 1920×1200 pixel IPS LCD screen that produces clear, vibrant photographs with perfect colour reproduction. When seen from the sides, the viewing angles are superb, with no noticeable distortion or colour changes.


The Nixplay Smart photo frame may be used in a variety of ways. Despite the fact that it relies only on cloud storage, this frame comes with a slew of useful functions. You may connect your Facebook or Instagram accounts and share all of your picture-perfect moments. You may support the frame vertically or horizontally at the same time.


The Aura Carver, on the other hand, has a few limitations. The few functionalities that it has, on the other hand, have performed well.


Aura Carver

More significantly, the angular bezels on the Carver frame give it a premium appearance. The free cloud storage and crystal clear display are more than enough to convince you to purchase this digital frame.




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