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Apple M2 chip just leaked ahead of Peek Performance event — Everything you need to Know


The Apple M2 chip might be revealed soon and be found in a variety of Macs.

Tomorrow, March 8, is the date of the next major Apple event, and there is reason to believe that new Apple silicon will be unveiled. According to reports, Apple is currently testing its new M2 chips ahead of the event.

If Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg contributor, is to be believed, as he claims in his weekly “Power on,” Using a “developer source,” Gurman claims to have learned that Apple is currently testing a new chip. It also features an 8-core CPU and a 10-core GPU, and has been tested on several unannounced macOS releases running on numerous Macs. Moreover


This new chip, according to Gurman’s source, includes CPU cores with four efficiency and four excellent performance. This seems to be the M2, not the M1 Super Max Pro, as Gurman claims, pointing out that he had disclosed similar specifications for the M2 last year.

The M2 microprocessor, according to rumours, will have higher performance than the M1, but require less power as a result. It’s because the original M1 chip delivered just that when it launched in late 2020.

The M1 was a huge leap forward in terms of performance and battery life over older Macs powered by Intel chips.


According to reports, the M2 chip is supposed to be less powerful than both the M1 Max and the M1 Pro chips. They’re built for power users rather than the typical MacBook user, who doesn’t need the extra processing power.

In comparison to the M1’s 5nm, the M2’s chip is expected to be smaller, at 4nm, and the Pro and Max versions are expected to be released within the next 12-18 months.

In other words, where can we look forward to seeing the M2? So far, the M2 processor has been said to be coming to the MacBook Pro 2022 and MacBook Air 2022 refreshes.


While the popular consensus is that these Macs won’t be on sale until later this year — potentially in the autumn — it’s also conceivable that one or both of them may be presented at Apple’s “Peek Performance” event tomorrow. Either way, the answer will be revealed soon. Source

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