Affordable Disney Plus with ads details recently disclosed


How many adverts you’ll see every hour on Disney Plus is determined by this figure

Disney Plus will have ads, but they will be few and far between. The ad-supported tier of Disney’s streaming service will have four minutes of advertising each hour, the company has announced. In addition, there will be none in the profiles of children under the age of six.

A few specifics about Disney Plus with commercials were revealed in a Wall Street Journal article, but the most critical was omitted: the price. Walt Disney has stated that they are introducing a lower-priced option with the new $7.99 cost.


Unlike Hulu, Disney Plus plans to air only four minutes of advertising every hour, which the company says is half as much. In addition, the ad-supported tiers of Peacock (five minutes) and HBO Max (five minutes) are less than or equivalent to this (four minutes).

Ad intelligence agency MediaRadar discovered that Paramount Plus has the highest ad load among the streaming services, with 23.8 advertisements per hour (which we calculate totals 10-12 minutes). By far, the most time is spent watching traditional television, with an average of 20 minutes every hour. So many people have severed the cord because of this.

In addition, the Wall Street Journal says that “brand-safe content” is enticing ad buyers to the new Disney Plus product. Commercials for several companies have been banned because of the content they contain or because of the context in which they appear. In February, an Applebee’s commercial that ran with CNN’s coverage of the Ukraine conflict went viral (in a bad way).


Ads on Disney Plus will not be shown to children under the age of five, in keeping with the company’s wholesome image. Commercials will not be shown during children’s programming. Additionally, no advertisements will be shown to preschoolers who have their own profiles.

According to Disney VP of ad sales and partnerships, Rita Ferro, the company will never collect data on individual children to target them.

Disney Plus with advertisements must be priced appropriately, according to our analysis.

Disney Plus’ decision to limit ads to only four minutes an hour is a smart one. In comparison to other streaming services, this places them at the lowest end of the spectrum. If the price is cheap enough, two 30-second adverts every 15 minutes is reasonable.


Disney Plus currently costs $7.99 a month. For the ad-supported plan, the price must be lower again. And if the corporation really wants to entice new customers and retain current ones, there has to be a substantial reduction in fees.

If I had to estimate, Disney’s ads will cost $3.99 per month. Because this is the reason: Prior to the debut of Disney Plus in November 2019, the company offered a discount to D23 members. Disney Plus costs $3.92 a month if you sign up for three years in advance. Three-year mandates come to an end in November. Many of those subscribers, like me, may choose to cancel rather than continue to pay the monthly subscription fee.

When I wanted to cancel Disney Plus in the past, I couldn’t because of the arrangement I’d made. During my three-year subscription, I planned to churn the service by subscribing when there were series I wanted to see, and cancelling when there weren’t.


Disney Plus with commercials, on the other hand, would be an appealing choice at $3.99. It would be wonderful to have access to the service even if I don’t use it very often. I could then upgrade to the ad-free plan whenever The Mandalorian or a Marvel series was on. Is this how it’s done?

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