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Xiaomi Mi Band 7 is available for pre-order soon


There is still time to reserve one of the new Xiaomi Mi Band 7 when you visit the company’s storefront at Regular and NFC versions are both available. While the NFC version will be released in China at the same time, it is likely that the global release will be delayed (that was the case for the Mi Band 6 NFC).

Regardless, no pricing information has been released as of yet. It cost CNY 230 for the normal model, and CNY 280 for the NFC version for the 6th generation. Prices in Europe ranged from €45 to €55.

Starting with a larger display, the next generation offers a slew of new features. When it comes to checking your health and activity data, Xiaomi claims that the available screen area has grown by 25%.


In addition, the band will monitor your SpO2 reading throughout the day and vibrate if it goes below 90 percent of normal. Snoring and sleep apnea may be alleviated using this technique.

A training load calculation based on EPOC (Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption) data from the last seven days is also available on the band. As a result, you’ll learn how much rest you should take to recuperate and how to best achieve your fitness goals.

Rumored features, such as an always-on display mode, built-in GPS, and a smart alarm, have yet to be confirmed.


There is a good chance that the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 will not be available in Europe for several months after it launches in China. Check back for additional information tomorrow.

Xiaomi, on the other hand, reported that its smart band products had sold 140 million units in total. One million units were shipped in the first month of availability for the 6th generation.


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