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Xiaomi 12S Ultra tipped with Sony 1-inch camera sensor


It appears that 1-inch smartphone camera sensors vary.

What you must understand

  • On July 4, Xiaomi plans to introduce its newest premium smartphone.
  • Sony’s brand-new 1-inch IMX989 camera sensor will be available in the Xiaomi 12S.
  • According to reports, the sensor won’t be cropped like other devices claiming the same size.

In anticipation of next week’s big reveal, Xiaomi is wasting no time in promoting the release of its upcoming flagship smartphone. However, we are now learning more about the camera sensor the company plans to add on the pricey Xiaomi 12S Ultra. The Xiaomi 12S series has already teased a relationship with Leica.


The new Sony IMX989 for a sizable 1-inch primary sensor was disclosed by Xiaomi on a Weibo post (via Android Authority). Although Xiaomi omitted to specify the resolution, it is rumored to have a 50MP resolution with 1.15 m pixels, giving it a significant advantage over some of the top Android phones.

The Sony IMX989, the company’s largest picture sensor to date, is found in the Xiaomi 12S Ultra. A larger amount of light is captured, focus may be achieved more quickly, and the dynamic range is improved with the 1″ ultra sensor. Officially starting a new era in imaging technology is the #Xiaomi12SUltra. June 29, 2022

A 1-inch camera sensor isn’t unheard of, but the Xiaomi 12S Ultra will reportedly be an improvement above previous smartphones boasting the same size. This is because, unlike Sony’s own Xperia Pro-I, the phone will reportedly have access to the full sensor size.


Lei Jun, the CEO of Xiaomi, also points out that Xiaomi and Sony jointly invested $15 million in the development of the IMX989 sensor.

The new sensor’s enormous sensor size and pixels will provide the future phone exceptional low-light and nighttime shots, especially when taking pixel binning into account. The new sensor does not, however, boast the massive 200MP resolution featured in Samsung’s most recent ISOCELL HP3. When compared to the most recent iPhone, Xiaomi promises that this would increase light capture by 76% while also providing higher image quality and faster startup times.

Leica’s involvement in the cameras was also disclosed by the firm, demonstrating its seriousness about its upcoming flagship.


The Sony IMX707 sensor, which the Xiaomi 12S and 12S Pro will have, should increase light intake by up to 49% over the IMX766.

On July 4, the Xiaomi 12S series will be officially introduced, so there won’t be much longer to wait to learn how Xiaomi intends to make use of its most recent imaging investment. Hopefully Sony will finally release its own devices to follow suit.


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