WordleBot may detect errors in your Wordle game


Even if you’re a Wordle whiz, there’s always space for growth, no matter how long your winning streak is. That’s why The New York Times, the new owners of Wordle, have created a small AI assistant to assess your game WordleBot is here.

WordleBot suggest the ultimate Wordle starting word
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WordleBot isn’t going to play the game for you, but it can give you advice on how to become better at it, as well as recommendations for the best Wordle start words based on data rather than intuition. Marc McLaren, our UK editor, may vouch for “STARE” as the greatest starting point, but WordleBot has done the math and comes up with a different conclusion.

When WordleBot begins with CRANE in regular mode and DEALT in ‘hard mode,’ it uses the fewest number of guesses to answer the 2,309 potential Wordles, according to WordleBot’s introduction page.


The gander may or may not benefit from what’s beneficial for the goose. The algorithmic approach to solving a challenge is fundamentally different from the way the human mind works, as the essay explains.

When asked whether it knows all 2,309 answers, WordleBot responds, “Yes.” “It’s possible that you don’t. Because of this, it’s conceivable that the bot doesn’t know the ideal route to follow from a particular guess and that an alternative guess would bring you to the solution.”

WordleBot, on the other hand, isn’t simply going to give you a bot-friendly term to start with. It will provide comments on your most recent attempt at a Wordle, as well as your overall performance. It works like this…


WordleBot’s advice

In order to use WordleBot to grade your assignment, you must have finished the challenge. The solution to today’s Wordle question is going to be shown as part of this demonstration. Your actions are entirely at your own peril.

Wordle is a skill I’ve struggled with in the past, and thus I was apprehensive about participating in this challenge. For someone who makes a living writing thousands of words a week, this is a little humiliating. In any case, it was my fortunate day, and I pulled it off like a pro, scoring all three points in the first round.


WordleBot thought I did a good job, and he commended me for it. A “solid pick” of a beginning word, it agreed, and today it reduced the number of viable answers from 2,309 to only 264. Of course, its favourite, “CRANE,” reduces it to 11. So, WordleBot, thanks for your help.

Even though “PINTS” is my go-to around 1 p.m. on a Thursday, I was able to narrow the gap greatly on my second try with the game. That decreased the number of viable answers to to 14.

On the third roll of my 14-sided dice, “MINCE” came up. WordleBot, on the other hand, is a well-educated and obsessive Wordle fanatic, so I’d have to settle for a draw. That’s right, artificial intelligence:


It takes WordleBot an average of 3.4 steps to complete a Wordle problem, he admitted. That’s understandable, considering that my average is… even lower. There were three phases involved today. ” It went on to say, “Not bad,” in a dismissive tone.

The accolades were distributed equally. In order to gain feedback on your performance from the bot, just open this page in the same browser you use for Wordle or submit a screenshot from any game you’ve played. Adverswordle, on the other hand, lets you play the role of a quizmaster for an AI.


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