Windows 11 is receiving a time-saving update


With the combination of OneDrive and File Explorer, you’ll have a simpler time

image via Sarah Tew/CNET

Windows 11’s File Explorer will be more integrated with Microsoft’s OneDrive online storage in the coming months.

OneDrive may now be configured as the default folder in File Explorer in Windows Insider Build 22593, as reported by Windows Latest. This implies that you no longer have to add a OneDrive folder to the Windows sidebar in order to use the cloud storage.


When you launch File Explorer, you’re taken to a home screen that provides rapid access to files on your local disc, according to TechRadar. Instead, OneDrive may now be launched directly from the homepage.

In addition, a new OneDrive symbol has appeared in the File Explorer window’s upper right corner. File syncing progress and storage capacity are shown in the drop-down menu after clicking it. You may open OneDrive in a web browser to make changes using this option.

Microsoft recently unveiled a number of new Windows 11 features, including a revamped File Explorer. Windows 11’s newest preview release includes a new Home page option that goes hand in hand with the most recent File Explorer upgrade. When it comes to the default home page, OneDrive will be one of the options available.


It’s a good idea to combine File Explorer with OneDrive. Previously, accessing OneDrive was not difficult, but being able to go immediately into it will make your work routine much more efficient. Hybrid workers in particular benefit from this, since they no longer have to worry about whether data are saved on their work or personal computers. Knowing that all of your data are stored in OneDrive gives you a sense of security.

Members of the Windows Insider programme are the first to get this new feature. As a result, we don’t know when or if it will be made available to the general public in Windows 11.

Windows 11 will continue to be integrated with the cloud even as Microsoft continues its efforts. By adopting Windows 11’s virtual desktop functionality, Microsoft said this week that it will merge Windows 365 into Windows 11. Even though this function is geared for companies and office employees, everyone may benefit from being able to access their work through the cloud.


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