What are Iron Banner Daily Challenges in Destiny 2?


The Daily Challenges in Iron Banner can be a bit confusing, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

This time around in Destiny 2, the Iron Banner returns with a fresh design and a new set of Daily Challenges that are largely opaque to the ordinary player. Because the Iron Banner mode itself does not explain Daily Challenges, we will do so in this guide. Get to it, Guardian.

What are Daily Challenges?

Hovering the mouse pointer over the Iron Banner node in the Director brings up a list of the current day’s challenges. To begin with, you’ll be able to perform Iron Banner matches as either the Solar or Void subclasses. In fact, this is a Weekly, which is why people are confused. You see, for the first four days, there is a new Iron Banner challenge that you can do. However, you can perform these challenges at any time during the week. Yes, it’s difficult to understand. Just remember that completing the Iron Banner node’s Daily Challenge will move your quest along, and that is all you need to know.


This quest and node have terrible names. It’s understandable that thousands of Guardians are perplexed by this discrepancy. Even though Bungie will almost certainly fix this issue in the future, we hope that our assistance has helped you out for the time being.

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