The Handmaid’s Tale season 5: What we know so far


Season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale is now in production (with a sixth season supposedly already confirmed!).

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Is there anything else planned for the month of June? Season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale will examine these and other questions. The announcement that Alexis Bledel would not be returning as Emily in the upcoming season indicates that the show is set for a major overhaul (formerly called Ofglen).

Hulu has already committed to a fifth season of the critically acclaimed series before season 4 had even aired. June Osborne (Elisabeth Moss) finally received her comeuppance against Commander Fred Waterford in the startling climax, which had the audience hanging on every word (Joseph Fiennes).


A pregnant Serena Waterford and the implications of June’s actions are expected to be examined in the fifth season of The Handmaid’s Tale (Yvonne Strahovski). Luke (O. T. Fagbenle) and her closest friend Moira (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) will also be affected by her decisions (Moira Wiley).

Waterford was taken over by June at the end of the series. Once they’d slain him, she led a lynch mob of former Handmaids to hang him on a wall, just like they did in Gilead. Writing in blood underneath his body read “Nolite te bastardes carburondorum,” the most important phrase.

Where will she go and what will she do when she leaves Canada? Season 5 will be “absolutely Sophie’s Choice: The Series, in that you’re going on with someone who’s made these horrible decisions,” showrunner Bruce Miller told in new tab).


This is the American tale – can we get back to normal, or do new challenges need a different approach?” he continued. Right now, June is in that location.

Season 5 may not be the final chapter of the saga. For as long as Moss wants to keep creating the programme, Miller has stated, the show will continue. The show’s Aunt Lydia Clements, played by Ann Dowd(opens in new tab), has already hinted at a possible sixth season. Until Hulu tells us otherwise, we’re going to take her word for it.

What we know about the upcoming fifth season of The Handmaid’s Tale thus far.


According to The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 release date rumours

There is currently no release date for the fifth season of The Handmaid’s Tale.

Season 5 of the drama will premiere on the streaming service in December 2020. Before season 4 even began, the announcement was announced at Disney’s Investor Day presentation.

In April 2017, April 2018, and June 2019, the show’s first three seasons were each released one year apart. In the wake of the coronavirus epidemic, Season 4 was postponed until April 2021, like many other television and film projects.


In February 2022, the fifth season of The Handmaid’s Tale began filming, which means that the debut isn’t likely to happen until the end of this year. In early 2023, it’s more likely.

This season’s cast of The Handmaid’s Tale

In the fifth season of The Handmaid’s Tale, Elisabeth Moss will reprise her role as June Osborne, formerly known as Offred.

As Emily/Ofglen, Alexis Bledel will no longer be appearing in the series going forward.


Bledel announced in a statement that “after great consideration, I decided to walk aside from The Handmaid’s Tale at this time.” My thanks go out to Bruce Miller for writing Emily’s scenes so accurately, as well as the rest of the MGM/Hulu actors and crew for their help.

Yvonne Strahovski, who plays Commander Fred Waterford’s wife Serena Joy Waterford, is expected to join Moss in the show’s returning cast, though no further names have been announced. While pregnant and detained in Canada, she had no idea that her husband is dead, a fact that she is only learning today.

Despite the character’s death in the finale, Joseph Fiennes may reprise his role as Commander Fred Waterford. On a regular basis, The Handmaid’s Tale includes scenes from the past. “Certainly I think we’ll see Fred again,” showrunner Miller told


Season 5 is also expected to feature the following actors:

  • O. T. Fagbenle as Luke Bankole, June’s husband
  • Samira Wiley as Moira Strand, June’s best friend
  • Max Minghella as Commander Nick Blaine, the Waterfords’ former driver and June’s lover
  • Ann Dowd as Aunt Lydia Clements, a woman who oversees the handmaids
  • Madeline Brewer as Janine Lindo, a recaptured handmaid who has one eye
  • Bradley Whitford as Commander Joseph Lawrence, a high-ranking Gilead official and June’s last commander
  • Amanda Brugel as Rita Blue, the Waterfords’ former Martha now living in Canada
  • Sam Jaeger as Mark Tuello, U.S. government official in Canada
  • Jordana Blake as Hannah Bankole, June and Luke’s daughter
  • Stephen Kunken as Commander Warren Putnam, Janine’s former commander
  • Ever Carradine as Naomi Putnam, Warren’s wife
  • Mckenna Grace as Esther Keyes, the former wife of a commander and now a handmaid

We may see a number of cast members from the past in The Handmaid’s Tale, including Cherry Jones as Holly Maddox; Nina Kiri as Alma; Edie Inksetter as Aunt Elizabeth; Jeananne Goossen as Aunt Ruth; Zawe Ashton as Oona, Moira’s ex; and Amy Landecker as Mrs. MacKenzie, Hannah’s assigned mother, in the flashbacks.

Christine Ko, who plays Lily, a Gilead refugee in Canada, is one of the new cast members for season 5. Lily, a former Martha, is a tough and resourceful character. She may be a strong ally if you gain her confidence. She’s been in dangerous circumstances before, and she’s got the scars to show for it.


The fifth season of The Handmaid’s Tale

Season 5 of The Handmaid’s Tale will include an unknown number of episodes, as Hulu did not make this information public when they announced their renewal.

There were 10 episodes every season in seasons 1 and 4, and 13 episodes per season in seasons 2 and 3.

The epidemic has caused production delays and slowdowns, therefore Season 5 may only have 10 episodes. There may be a brief season if the show’s creative team wants it back sooner rather than later.


What happened in the season 4 finale of The Handmaid’s Tale?
May met with Fred Waterford to formally say farewell before he flew to Zurich and entered into an agreement with the international court that granted him his freedom in Season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale. June’s meeting with her left her feeling unsatisfied, and as a result, she set out to stop Fred from going free.

As Mark Tuello was running, he was contacted by June, who asked him to transport her to a certain area. Commander Lawrence had a deal for them there, and they accepted it. Gilead would be able to rescue 22 women who had been imprisoned for their role in the resistance if they were to deliver Fred.

Just as Fred was about to leave for Zurich, Mark consented, and Fred was arrested and driven into “no man’s land.” Upon arrival, he was hailed by Commander Lawrence, but he promptly handed him over to his superior, Commander Nick Blaine.


In the woods, Nick escorted Fred to June, who was waiting for them. She released Fred from his shackles after kissing him and said her goodbyes. During his thank you speech, she whistled. June warned Fred to flee as a bunch of ex-handmaids approached from the woods.

While June and the other handmaids were running after him, he managed to get away from them. When Fred stumbled, June and the other ladies pounced on him and began hitting him.

It was a long drive back home for the bleeding ladies in the morning, though. To her daughter Nichole’s delight, June silently entered her home and made her way up to the nursery. When June’s husband, Luke, discovered them, he noticed the blood on her face and realised right once what she’d done. He collapsed on the floor, his face contorted with grief.


June expressed her apologies to him. “Give me five minutes with her and I’ll be on my way,” he said.

A flash indicates that Fred’s headless body is hanging from a wall during this. The words “Nolite te bastardes carburondorum” is scrawled below in blood.

Serena sits calmly at her computer in the jail’s detention facility. A box addressed to her is unwrapped by a postal worker on the street. Fred’s wedding ring and his finger tumble to the ground.


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