Apple Pay Later in iOS 16 — What you need to know


If you buy now and pay later, Apple will be a serious competitor to PayPal.

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Even if you don’t have an Apple Pay card, you may still use it to pay for products and services in stores, online, or at any other place where money is exchanged. So it’s not unexpected that Apple Pay Later will be introduced with the release of iOS 16 and a redesigned Wallet app.

It’s a competitive field, with the likes of Klarna, Afterpay, and Affirm as well as PayPal’s own PayPal Pay in 4 payment plan all competing for your attention. In other words, Apple is in for some stiff competition when Apple Pay goes live this autumn.


Wallet app integration with Apple Pay Later is currently unknown, but here’s what we know thus far.

Do you know what it means to “Buy Now, Pay Later”

Instead of making a single payment, you spread out the cost over a period of time. Consumers may find these payments interesting because they are often interest-free. Some, such as My Chase Plan(opens in a new tab), have fees, while Apple has said that Apple Pay Later would not have any costs.”


The Apple Pay Later system is explained here.

To use BNPL, you don’t require a credit card from Apple; however, you must already have a subscription to the Apple Pay app. The only restriction we’re aware of is that “A user’s card-issuing bank may levy a fee if the user’s debit card account contains insufficient money,” which Apple mentions.

Even if you don’t need an Apple Card, you may still want to sign up for one. Even though Goldman Sachs is the actual provider of both the Apple Card and the Apple Pay Later service, consumers view everything as Apple-branded.

Once you’ve set up Apple Pay, all you have to do from there is make a purchase. It is possible that some purchases could be ineligible for Apple Pay Later, although more information will likely be available closer to the service’s debut date than at this time. iPhone and Apple Watch contactless payments should also be able to use this capability.


Select “Pay in Full” or “Pay Later” after making a purchase with your Apple Card. In the event that you select “Pay Later,” you will be presented with a breakdown of each of your four instalments.

Each purchase made using Apple Pay Later is divided into four equal instalments, with each payment due six weeks after the first. Once “Pay Later” is selected, the first payment is paid immediately, and following payments are made every two weeks. The Wallet app is used to process all of the payments.

My Apple Pay isn’t working where I am now.

Apple Pay Later, according to the company, is compatible with any website or app that accepts Apple as a payment method. That seems to rule out the purchasing of BNPL products from brick-and-mortar locations.


Who is eligible to join up for Apple Pay Later?”

Currently, Apple Pay Later is only available in the United States. Once an application is authorised, users can utilise the functionality, but only for as long as they have been granted access.

It’s not clear when Apple Pay Later will be available in other places, but the company tends to pilot new payment capabilities in the United States before rolling them out globally.

When can I sign up for Apple Pay Later 

iOS 16 is slated to provide the functionality. That software upgrade is presently under beta testing, with developers given the first opportunity to use it. ‘ We expect Apple Pay Later to appear in the fall after iOS 16 is released as a public beta in July.


What else do I need to know about Apple Pay Later 

Apple Pay Later may be thought of as a credit card with a later due date. A soft credit check is required throughout the application process, although this does not influence an applicant’s credit score. Defaulting on a payment will almost certainly result in some sort of penalty even if you use Apple Pay Later. Use Apple Pay Later if you are confident in your ability to make all four payments on schedule. All of BNPL’s services are covered by this rule.

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