Second Pixel Watch tipped to launch — the Pixel Watch Fit


There’s a whole new Pixel Watch rumour making the rounds, as if you needed more reason to get excited about the wearable. This fresh rumour suggests that Google is working on a sport-oriented Pixel Watch named the Pixel Watch Fit.

(Image credit: tagtech414 via Reddit)

‘Pixel Watch Fit,’ according to leaker @VNchocoTaco on Twitter, might also refer to the regular Pixel Watch, which has been reported for some time. With a price tag of roughly $400, the watch has thick bezels.

However, @chuvn8888 claims to have heard this name, but does not provide any more information. By way of speculation, @ianzelbo claims to have seen both aluminium and stainless steel Pixel Watches, which he thinks could be the Fit model. I’m most worried about the pricing, which none of them have confirmed.


$400 is a high sum to pay for a car

The $400 price tag on the Pixel Watch Fit would make it $1 more costly than the cheapest Apple Watch 7 on the market. As is customary for Apple, the business offers more pricey models of the Watch. Apple, on the other hand, has a dedicated client base and a long history of wearables to draw upon.

In contrast to Fitbit, Google’s sole expertise in the wearables market is bought rather than established from scratch. When it comes down to it, the $400 price tag isn’t going to help Google out.

We need to keep in mind that all of these rumours are unconfirmed at this time. There is no way to know for sure until Google officially introduces the Pixel Watch whether these rumours are true or not (or Watches). Google I/O 2022, which begins on May 11, is now speculated to be the place where it will happen.


What we know from the leak of the restaurant’s Pixel Watch

Between now and then, a Pixel Watch has appeared on the internet, allegedly abandoned in a restaurant. The gadget has a diameter of approximately an inch and a half and a thickness of about half an inch on the exterior. Since the battery was dead, it’s impossible to know what the claimed Pixel Watch’s UI or software is.

However, we did notice a charging method that appears like Fitbit’s, along with an Apple Watch-like crown, as well as a few buttons. You can find out more about the leaker on Reddit, where he had a Q&A session.

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