RiotPWR unveils iPhone controller designed in partnership with Xbox


Now you can use an Xbox button on your MFi controller for the very first time.

image credits: macsources

RiotPWR is here to make your day if you’ve been wanting to try Xbox Cloud Gaming on your iPhone.

The Xbox version of the iPhone gaming controller was unveiled today by the business. With the help of the Designed for Xbox team, RiotPWR has created a new iPhone gaming controller. A gamepad designed specifically for Xbox Cloud Gaming on the iPhone was developed by the two teams in collaboration.


There is a 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as a passthrough Lightning port for charging your phone while using the controller. This controller, according to the manufacturer, is the first MFi-certified controller to contain an Xbox button.

Lightning-connected, the RiotPWR Mobile Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition) requires no batteries or Bluetooth to function, and the phone mount display is removable and customizable. With RiotPWR’s unique pass-through charging capability, players can charge their mobile device while using the controller without having to worry about a low battery interrupting their game. RiotPWR It’s even possible to record gaming by simply pressing a button, and to listen to the recorded audio via headphones.

To expand on the multibillion-dollar mobile gaming industry’s base, RiotPWR CEO Fraser Townley hailed the controller.


In addition to iPhone users, the controller is interesting for the entire mobile game business. Everything else in the world of entertainment has made the transition from being downloaded or streamed from a computer to a smartphone or other mobile device. To make mobile gaming more accessible and desired by the masses, the RiotPWR Mobile Controller for iOS (Xbox Edition) will be released.

The Xbox version of the RiotPWR iPhone controller can be preordered at now. Those who pre-order the controller before it goes on sale on August 1 will save 10%.


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