Quordle 127 hints and answers for May 31, 2022


The answer to Quordle 127 for May 31st, 2022 has been discovered. The difficulty level of today’s Quordle is between between medium and hard, like the previous three problems. Only one of the four words has the same rare letter twice.

With so many distinct letters, you’ll probably have to guess a few times before you find the ones you’re looking for. The word on the lower left is the most difficult to decipher this time around because it is not commonly used. To give you an idea of what it means, it’s a scientific term for a specific type of insect and a slang term in the United Kingdom. Do you require any other assistance? Then, in the following paragraph, you’ll discover the complete answer.

The Quordle answer 127 is:

  • “PLUCK”
  • “GRAVE”
  • “MIDGE”
  • “JUICY”

It’s possible to get tangled up in the “?IDGE” construction because of the word “MIDGE’s” unusual “M” and “G” consonants. The “GRA?E” combination appears to be a favourite of the Quordle team, as it has occurred in a slew of recent problems. In addition to “V” and “G” consonants in the word “GRAVE,” “PLUCK” and “JUICY” also have several challenging letters to contend with. Getting all three vowels for “JUICY,” on the other hand, should drastically reduce the number of possible pronunciations.

To be able to finish the puzzle, you need to have as many letters highlighted in green or yellow as possible by the middle of the puzzle. You should spend the first three attempts utilising terms that encompass most common consonants and all of the vowels to get the hang of the language. It’s important to put some time and effort into the process of elimination so that you can focus on fewer letters on the keyboard in the end.

Perhaps after completing Quordle 127, you may wish to improve your skills in the practise zone on the official website or even attempt Wordle or Octordle for an even more difficult task.. Additionally, if you’re willing to play around with your device’s date, you can get access to extra puzzles each day. In order to avoid destroying your achievement records, it’s recommended to utilise a different profile or browser before trying this method out.


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