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PS5 Pro Possibly revealed by Mysterious Shipment — Sony ‘console prototype’


Are we looking at a PS5 Pro prototype?

Sony’s latest unexplained shipment may allude to the PS5 Pro. In November 2016, Sony introduced the PS4 Pro, a beefed-up PS4. Three years after the console’s debut. The PS5 Pro might arrive next year if history repeats. However, the paucity of leaks and speculations concerning an enhanced PS5 implies otherwise.

With a component scarcity and no PlayStation VR 2, this might pile up. However, a mystery new shipment from Sony to the US has sparked PS5 Pro rumours.


While many are still looking for PS5 restocks, it is probable that Sony will revive the device in the coming years. After one modification — a lighter model with a smaller heatsink — is Sony planning anything bigger?

TweakTown has discovered some interesting import documents showing Sony sending crates of development kits to the US. A “video game console (prototype)” was sent from the UK to Norfolk, Virginia in November. It weighed 694kg (1,322 lb).

It’s unclear where the journey begins and ends, as a console prototype is created in China, and what Sony accomplishes in Virginia, but it’s still fascinating. So, what’s in the box?


PS5 Slim, PS5 Pro, PSVR 2…

Let’s start with the dull choice. This might be an ancient PS5 prototype, when it was still weirdly V-shaped. Similarly, developers who wish to create PS5 applications in 2022 will require a dev kit, even if they are a bit late.

But what if it’s more? We do know that PSVR 2 is in the pipeline. We’ve been informed to anticipate the next generation of Sony virtual reality sometime in 2022. In any case, it exists and requires development kits, so it appears plausible.

Speculation: is this a PS5 hardware revision? If it’s a big shift, expect a Slim model with a smaller footprint or a Pro model with beefier internals.


A PS5 Slim seems almost certain. Smaller consoles not only save Sony money on shipping, but every PlayStation has had a smaller version at some time. While that may be the case, the PS5’s massive size makes it seem premature. Historically, Sony has taken between three and six years to revamp their systems with a reduced physical factor.

And a Pro version? So yet, just one has been released: the PS4 Pro, three years after the original PS4. Again, that seems premature – albeit it may be a very early prototype. After all, all designs begin somewhere.

In summary, if you’re still considering a PS5 but afraid about getting a redesigned version, you’re probably safe. While it’s exciting to imagine the prototype, the present PS5 design is likely to last until 2023 at the earliest. Source


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