Pixel 7 series camera hardware may be transferred


However, it is possible to increase the picture quality.

The Pixel 6 series, which was released last year, will be replaced by Google’s Pixel 7 series. We already know that the design of the future phones is expected to remain mostly intact, but the new claim suggests that the Pixel 7 series’ camera will be the same.

Pixel 7 is said to use the same camera arrangement as its predecessor, the Pixel 6 series.


Tipster Yogesh Brar claims that Google may enhance the sensors, which, in conjunction with the software, will allow users capture stunning photographs and movies. While the hardware may not change,

True or not, this story suggests that Google’s Pixel 7 Pro will include a triple camera set-up, with the main 50MP sensor, a 12MP ultra wide lens, and a 48MP wide-angle lens.


A 50 MP main camera and a 12 MP ultra-wide-snapper might be found on the Pixel 7 while the Pixel 7 Pro is expected to include a dual camera configuration.

Google’s second-generation Tensor chipset is said to perform the picture processing. ISP performance is expected to be improved as well, according to reports that claim this chip would be more powerful than its predecessor.

With regards to the two phones’ specs, the Pixel 7 is believed to include a 6.3-inch non-LTPO display with a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz. It is said that the Pixel 7 Pro would include a 6.7-inch display with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. A similar dual-tone design is planned for both smartphones, albeit there will be some slight adjustments to the design for obvious reasons


It’s not a surprise if the two computers have the same hardware.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Google isn’t going to make any major changes to the general design or hardware specs. They have done their homework and come up with an iconic design that will be tweaked every year to meet aesthetic modifications.

The phones’ unusual design sets them apart from the rest of the pack of similar-looking devices. In reality, the Pixel series is a breath of new air in a market where most Android devices are infamously copying off the look of the iPhone.

In addition, Google isn’t renowned for often updating the hardware specifications of its products. Previously, the business has used the same camera sensor across a number of handsets. Google, on the other hand, just began employing the 50MP camera in the Pixel 6 series when the competition was using 64MP/108MP cameras.


Some reports claim that the Pixel 6a will use the same 12.1MP Sony IMX363 sensor as the previous four Pixel handsets. There are many who would argue that employing an older sensor yields better results than the majority of current smartphone cameras, but those who have used Pixel phones are quick to defend the company’s decision.

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