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OnePlus Nord 2 is getting Android 12 now


When it comes to Android upgrades, we’re used to seeing newer phones get them first, but OnePlus adopted a completely different route with the OnePlus Nord 2 line of devices. Only now, after two Open Betas, is the successor, Nord 2, starting to acquire Android 12. The first Nord received Android 12.0 roughly two weeks ago.

image credits: cnet

No surprise that it took a few weeks to get a stable version out after the initial one was released a month ago. Regardless, it’s now available as a 4.89GB download, more than half a year after it was first disclosed by Google.

Staged deployment means that only a limited percentage of devices will receive the update notification in the coming days. A wider rollout will begin after that, assuming no show-stopping issues are discovered. New build number DN2101 11.C.04 and the May 2022 security updates are included in this release.


To get your hands on the full, unzipped OTA package, head over to the Source listed below and follow the on-screen instructions. Waiting for a notification is always preferable. Intriguingly, and possibly alarmingly, this build appears to be identical to the second Open Beta. OnePlus has yet to write about the stable update on its forums, so it’s unclear if this is an error or not. The only people who know for sure are Nord 2 owners who have reported receiving the update.

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