One of the best PlayStation 5 games may be coming to Netflix soon


Another well-loved PlayStation title appears to be making the transition to streaming.

(Image credit: Sony)

Netflix is rumoured to be developing a new original series based on Horizon: Forbidden West.

In a recent Sony Business Briefing Q&A, Netflix was asked about intentions to adapt the popular Horizon video game series into a television show. Additionally, a God of War series for Prime Video and a Gran Turismo TV show were mentioned at this briefing. Despite the fact that no network or streaming service has yet been tied to this initiative.


Aside from reports that PlayStation Productions will be working with Netflix on the project, little more is known about Netflix’s adaptation of Horizon. Horizon: Zero Dawn was released in 2017 and will be followed by Horizon: Forbidden West in 2022. Whether Netflix decides to adapt these games or create a new plot of its own is unknown.

It’s about a hunter-warrior raised as an outcast, Aloy (voiced by Ashly Burch), who finds himself thrust into the role of hero after the world has been overrun by dinosaur- and animal-like machine hybrids. Throughout the gaming industry, Aloy has become an iconic PlayStation mascot and a cherished character. So it’s only natural that she’ll be a part of Netflix’s future series.

One possibility is that the programme will present a completely different plot in order to distinguish itself from the video games. It’s possible this Netflix series might take place in a different section of the world than the two Horizon games. Whatever is left of Europe has to have robot dinosaurs, I’m sure.


The future of the Horizon Netflix series is unknown, but don’t expect to learn more about it in the near future. It’s quite probable that this show will not begin production for several years due to the lack of information available. If a project is in development, that doesn’t mean it’s assured to come to fruition at some point. All too often, promising series are cancelled in the middle of production.

With a Twisted Metal series for Peacock and a film based on Ghost of Tsushima in the works, PlayStation Productions is undoubtedly busy right now. This year, the studio released its first film, Uncharted, and is now working on a TV series with HBO called The Last of Us. A potential release date of 2023 has been set for the show, which is presently filming.


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